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Basemark launches VRScore PC VR benchmark with DX12 support

by Mark Tyson on 30 January 2017, 12:01

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Basemark has launched what it calls the "world's first comprehensive VR benchmark". VRScore PC is designed to quantify PC and Head Mounted Display (HMD) rendering performance and latency in Virtual Reality (VR) applications. The benchmarking application supports both DirectX 12 and 11.

As you can see for the screen shots/video, the benchmark tests systems by gauging their performance in a "game-like workload" developed by Crytek. The screens you see are from a Crytek CRYENGINE project called Codename: Skyharbor. Other parties that helped develop VRScore PC include AMD, Intel and Nvidia.

Jon Peddie, President and founder of Jon Peddie Research, talked about how he was very happy to be able to use the new Basemark VRScore PC benchmark. "Evaluating how good a VR system is, can only be done by keeping tabs on the latency because people notice even the smallest of delays between what’s displayed on the screen and what the brain expects. If there’s a disconnect, most people report they get nauseated or worse," explained Mr Peddie. He went on to describe VRScore PC as a "robust tool for measuring latency," which will help set standards for improved VR systems.

VRScore PC can have its capabilities expanded when combined with the VRTrek latency testing suite and hardware accessory. VRTrek checks for Application to photon latency, dropped frames, and for duplicate frames.

The tech press have access to a commercial version of VRScore PC right now, as do corporate users. Unfortunately other, more accessible, versions of the testing suite don't arrive until Q2 2017. From Q2 onwards there will be both a free and Pro version of VRScore PC available. Furthermore, users will be able to save and compare scores in an online results browser service called 'Power Board'.

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