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Corsair launches 450W HX-series modular power supply

by Parm Mann on 6 November 2008, 10:28

Tags: HX450, Corsair

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Corsair has today unveiled a new addition to its performance-orientated HX-series power supplies in the form of the HX450.

The unit, pictured below, slots into Corsair's professional series below the existing HX1000, HX620 and HX520.

Measuring in at 150mm x 86mm x 150mm, the Corsair HX450 offers the HX-series features that you'd come to expect - including flat modular cables and a super-quiet 120mm double ball-bearing fan that'll adjust its RPM in accordance to to temperature.

It'll offer up to 85 per cent efficiency and guarantees continuous power output at 50°C. In addition to a MTBF of 100,000 hours, it's backed by Corsair's seven-year warranty, and looks a solid solution for those who aren't planning multi-GPU systems.

No word on pricing just yet, but expect availability and a complete specification soon.

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is that the smallest modular psu in cirsairs line up then ?

cant see the point tbh
Yeah it is the smallest.

I'd happily buy one in place of the 520HX for most builds asuming it's still a seasonic underneath. It would have really helped with the PC I used the 450W VX in and the one I use the 520W HX.

Also, when you think how many PC's even use 300W it might be a great cheaper solution for people who want a modular PSU for convenience :)
Yes it will be the smallest.

And I guess the point is that some people do not want a 520W PSU to run their media centre but still want a modular PSU so lowering the output should increase efficiency in the lower power regions that most HTPCs operate in ~100W, the telling feature will be if it is 80+ certified as this will require it to have an efficiency above 80% at 20% load (90W). Also it will be cheaper (I would guess £55-60) so could be a good alternative for the midrange system that still wants a modular PSU.
im thinking more along the line of the enthusiast using a modular and then going for the biggest they can afford for e-peen status, wondering if it will sell well tbh
Course it will, just ‘cause your system isn’t mega power hungry doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to have everything nice and neat in there.

I've seen countless spec threads where people had opted out of the 450W VX just because it wasn't modular.