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Cooler Master unveils Storm Trigger Z mechanical keyboard

by Mark Tyson on 29 January 2014, 09:54

Tags: Cooler Master, Cherry

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Cooler Master has unveiled the successor to its Trigger mechanical keyboard: the Trigger Z. The new premium gaming keyboard with full single-colour backlighting will become part of the CM Storm Gaming Keyboard range. It's a fully programmable 'board and supports up to five profiles and 75 macros backed up with 128KB on onboard memory. The Trigger Z also makes use of the popular Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches.

"The weapon of choice for hardcore gamers and e-sports professionals"

As mentioned in the intro paragraph, the CM Storm Trigger Z offers gamers five profiles and up to 75 macros. Macro and standard keys are fully programmable thanks to a built-in ARM CPU. The Windows key is lockable so you don't accidentally engage it during your frantic game playing. You also get a full complement of integrated multimedia key functionality.

We are told that the Trigger Z will be launched in February and will initially only be available with Cherry MX Brown switches. Cooler Master says that the keyboard will "possibly" be available with Cherry MX Red and Blue keyswitches too, "depending on your region". Users can press up to 64 keys simultaneously without it missing a stroke, according to Cooler Master tech specs.

Looking at the keyboard build, the 1.5Kg Trigger Z includes a detachable non-slip rubber coated wrist-rest in the box. The keyboard cable is a full size USB type and is detachable, the braided one supplied by Cooler Master with the keyboard uses a gold-plated connector and contact.

Cooler Master says that the Trigger Z will be available in the UK from February with a recommended retail price of £109.99 including tax.


  • SGK- 6010- GKCL1 - CHERRY MX Blue with blue backlight
  • SGK- 6010- GKCR1 - CHERRY MX Brown switch with white backlight
  • SGK- 6010- GKCM1 - CHERRY MX Red switch with red backlight
  • Macro Key: 15 in each profile
  • Profiles: 5 profiles
  • On-board Memory: 128k bytes
  • Online firmware and software updates
  • Dimensions: 47.6(L) *25.3(W) *3.8(H) cm
  • Weight: 1516 g / 3.34 lbs

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White backlight
MX Browns
ANSI layout
Ansi for typing is pretty horrid I agree, but its not too bad for gaming. I can't think of any game I've played that uses \ for anything useful.

It is annoying as all hell to have the symbols in the wrong place. Hopefully they'll launch a proper one.
Another gaming keyboard with macro keys down the left edge.....makes it useless to many gamers.

Plus, the added problem of a non-standard layout and small return key.....and all for £110!
I thought the press shots were of the US keyboard layout, and the UK layout would be different and sane?
Yikes. Not exactly a looker, is it?