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3D chocolate printer available to buy tomorrow

by Mark Tyson on 9 April 2012, 12:13

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While 3D printing seems like a hot, new and expanding technology, this new flavour of 3D printing could cause your waistline to expand. A couple of months ago we mentioned the Makerbot 3D Replicator here on HEXUS. 3D printers can be used to make prototypes, replacement parts for your car, Raspberry Pi cases and even bone tissue for medical purposes. Well, at last scientists have found a worthwhile use for the technology; printing 3D chocolate creations!

love chocolate printing


Choc Edge, a company funded by the Research Council UK's Digital Economy program, will tomorrow make available for sale its first commercial 3D dessert printer. The machines will be available on eBay for just under £2,500. That sounds quite a lot for an individual but it may be of interest to confectioners, promotional merchandise makers and bakers, etc. Large specialist chocolate retailer chain Thorntons Plc is said to have shown interest in the prototype, as have several other similar companies around the world.

The creator is a Dr Liang Hao, working at the University of Exeter alongside experts from the University of Brunel and CADCAM software developer Delcam. Choc Edge has a YouTube channel and recently added some videos demonstrating 3D chocolate printing.



I think I could eat these chocolates faster than the printer makes them. No wonder that they missed the Easter egg season!

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do want
Three words: “Om… nom nom”
Looking at the speed you are going to need more than one in a business.
Would love to know the price of ink, I'm sure the money is in the pudding rather than the machine.

But £2500 could be a decision of chocolate machine or car…. if it costs less than fuel to keep topped up yum yum ahoy!
3d chocolate printer can make any shape…

..and they make a boring cube ?!
3d chocolate printer can make any shape…

..and they make a boring cube ?!

does seem a little strange.

I was trying to think of what else they could do - perhaps they were afraid of looking too like a ‘normal’ chocolate:
Triangle: Toblerone
Sphere: Malteasers