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Razer Naga Epic touts cordless MMO pleasure

by Parm Mann on 14 October 2010, 11:39

Tags: Razer

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If you're into your MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), you should probably have two essential items on your holiday shopping list: the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion pack and the new Razer Naga Epic mouse.

The latter, pictured below, is an upgrade to the original Razer Naga design and features one important twist - it's now core-free and uses the same wireless technology as the Razer Mamba.

The mouse can still be used in wired mode by attaching a USB cable - doing so charges the integrated battery - and all the usual Naga features are present. That includes 17 fully-programmable MMO-optimised buttons, three interchangeable ergonomic side panels, a 5,600dpi laser, a 1ms response time and a customisable backglow.

The charging dock bundled with the mouse doubles as the wireless receiver, but we're told the mouse will run for only 12 hours of continuous use. Is that really going to be enough for a true WoW addict?

If you think it is, the Razer Naga Epic is available to pre-order now priced at €129.99. It should ship on November 29th, but if you're willing to remain wired, it's worth noting that the standard Razer Naga can be had for €50 less.

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where are you supposed to put your thumb??
where are you supposed to put your thumb??

Thumb rests on buttons for easy use


Me Wanty!
I understand that it's branded as being for MMO games.

However, as soon as I saw the design I thought: RTS. Those buttons would be useful for selecting which team you want, and then giving them a command. (Think I'd still prefer a keyboard though.)

I admit I'm biased - I like RTS and don't particularly like MMO.

I thought “what about FPS?” but don't think it would be enjoyable to try and control crosshair and strafe movement with the one hand. (If you could though, you could start playing two games at once, like Ned Gold in 17 Again.)

One other thing: if 12 hours wireless time isn't enough, just buy a second one. They're only $129 - and you could (hopefully) use the same charger for both mice. :whip:
Battery life is not an issue as it can also run in corded mode quite quickly, just unplug cord from docking bay and plug into the mouse.

Great video of it here in action
*can't link*
Google: “Razer Naga Epic at BlizzCon 2010” for YouTube video