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Razer introduces BlackWidow mechanical keyboard

by Pete Mason on 19 August 2010, 10:18

Tags: Razer

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As nice as modern keyboards are, there are still a lot of people hankering for the tactile feedback that you can only get from a traditional mechanical model.  Unfortunately, this often means sacrificing some of the gaming or multimedia features that we've all come to rely on.

It looks like Razer is now offering the best of both worlds, though, with the brand new BlackWidow.

The keyboard has a fully-mechanical design which should provide a nice ‘clicky' response in use, with 50g of resistance on each key.  The manufacturer has also outfitted the BlackWidow with all of the features you'd expect on a top-of-the-line gaming keyboard, including a 1ms response time, on-the-fly programmable macro keys and customisable profiles.

The keyboard also has a full suite of multimedia controls and a gaming mode that can deactivate the Windows keys.

For those who want a little more flash, the BlackWidow Ultimate is available with individually backlit keys that can be adjusted through five brightness levels.

As with all of Razer's keyboards, these are wired to ensure the best performance.  The Ultimate edition also features an extra USB port as well as audio-out and microphone-in connectors.

Both models are currently available for pre-order from the company's website with an estimated shipping date of September 21, though only a US layout is currently offered.  The BlackWidow will cost €79.99 while the Ultimate edition will run €129.99 (around £66 and £107, respectively, including VAT).

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if they release a UK one im sold….
if they release a UK one im sold….

I wouldn't even mind. I've used a US layout keyboard for years ever since I spent a few years living in Canada, and it really isn't that different. Create a custom profile switching dollars for pounds and you're golden :)
I have that problem using Dvorak (there are no UK Dvorak keyboard options). Didn't take me long to learn the ASCII code for £ (Alt+156).
Nice looking. Not enough macro keys for me, I use 15 regularly on my Logitech G11, plus others on occasion. Looks like I'll have to get a Logitech G510 this time… I like the idea/look of the Roccat Valo but have read a lot of bad things about it…
Mechanical keyboard with backlit keys! *swoon*

The features need only end there for me.