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HP Elitebook Revolve laptop convertible announced

by Mark Tyson on 5 December 2012, 11:00

Tags: Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ), Windows 8, PC

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HP has announced a new addition its Elitebook range; the HP Elitebook Revolve. The clue to the form factor is in the name; it’s a convertible notebook which uses HP’s old reliable swivelling hinge mechanism. However this time around it’s arrived in the Windows 8 era where people should be more inclined to prod and touch their screens to interact with the OS and apps.

HP’s press release says that “With the ability to transform with the flick of the wrist to deliver a convertible computing solution to match any need, the HP EliteBook Revolve is designed for business and government customers who require both an ultrathin notebook and a touch-enabled tablet.” Why this is particularly desirable to corporate users I do not know but HP’s Dan Forlenza, vice president and general manager, Commercial Managed IT Segment continued to thrust it in that direction by saying “Employees want computing devices that work the way they do—flexibly and able to adapt to any situation”, he went on to explain “HP is committed to ensuring its Elite portfolio of tablet solutions will provide customers the features their employees need for maximum productivity, with a design they’ll be proud to carry everywhere they go, all without sacrificing the enterprise services and protection that take the headache away from IT.”

We have a good smattering of specs so far and the HP Elitebook Revolve will be configurable in a range with various storage and processor options:

  • An 11.6-inch 1366x768 pixels touch enabled display protected by Gorilla Glass 2
  • Choice of latest third generation Intel Core processor
  • Optimised for Windows 8 but with Windows 7 pro offered as an option
  • WWAN, USB 3.0, DisplayPort, NFC, SIM card slot connectivity options
  • 720p HD web cam, dual microphones
  • Up to 256GB of SSD storage
  • Magnesium alloy construction and tested up to MIL-STD 810G standards
  • Weighs in at about 1.35Kg
  • Docking options
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Optional stylus

Overall it sounds pretty good, depending on the price, which is undisclosed. Launch date seems quite far away and no doubt specs could be tweaked a bit before availability.

Not enough touch screen Windows 8 devices available

Some industry analysts says that there are not enough Windows 8 touch enabled laptops and convertibles around to buy at this time. IDC’s Bob O'Donnell said a few days ago, with regard to Windows 8 PC sales, “Touch machines are actually selling above expectations”. Also at Microsoft, Tami Reller has said that there are “not enough” available in stores. HP’s Elitebook Revolve isn’t going to change that supply and demand situation at this time but it’s good to see more in the pipeline.

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I never liked rotating screens the hinges always look so weak and this is no exception…
Make one with a Trinity ULV and I might be tempted… ;)
durable enough eh?
I never liked rotating screens the hinges always look so weak and this is no exception…
Not sure about that - after all it'd be a major “fail” (to use Register speak) to go to the expense of designing that laptop and then “forget” that the hinge needs to be over-engineered. That said, I'd also assume that some IKEA-style abuse testing would have been carried out before it hits the streets. So, if anyone in HP-PSG wants to give me one for an extended test then I'd bite their hand off! :D

Nice design - bet it'll come with a price tag to match - figure £800+ at least. :(

Got to say that I like this design and the Lenovo Yoga - both show that the design teams are thinking a bit further than “boring stuff we've done so many times before” and trying to deliver something that fits Windows 8's schizoid nature.
It'd be nice if the screen wasn't so pants. 1366x768? That's just embarrassing for anything outside of a netbook or ultra-budget.