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EVGA “Step Up” upgrade program extended to 6 months

by Mark Tyson on 16 October 2012, 12:00

Tags: EVGA, PC

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EVGA has today announced a special limited-time promotion for users who join the EVGA online community. You may have heard of the Step-Up program before, however EVGA has improved and extended it; it is now available to buyers who haven’t bought an extended warranty and also the duration of the program has been doubled from 90 days to 180 days.

Promotion lasts from today until 21st December 2012

EVGA today informed us in an email that; “From 16 October to 21 December 2012, end users who purchase an EVGA graphics card or motherboard, are able to participate in EVGA’s Step-Up Program within a 180-day period, instead of the standard 90 days. The Step-Up Program enables an end user to trade-in an EVGA product within the specified timeframe and upgrade to a select, greater performing EVGA graphics card or motherboard.” If you decide the product you bought isn’t really tickling your sweet spot you only have to pay the difference (plus shipping) between the price you originally paid for your EVGA product and the online price of your chosen upgrade product in the EVGA online store.

Lee Rossiter, European Sales Director at EVGA told HEXUS “Our Step-Up Program is one of the many benefits available to end users when they join the EVGA community,” he went on to explain further; “The Step-Up Program protects the investment an end user makes in an EVGA product, and gives them the opportunity to upgrade to a higher performance EVGA graphics card or motherboard. This promotion enables our end users to have the flexibility to ‘trade up’ through pretty much the first half of 2013”.

Peace of mind

After your purchase, between now and 21st December, you will have six months (180 days) to evaluate your EVGA product to see if it meets your requirements. That means you can watch new products come out from EVGA until mid June 2013 (depending upon EVGA product purchase date) and, if you feel the need, simply upgrade by just paying the difference (plus shipping). EVGA says that the Step-Up program gives you “100 per cent peace of mind when purchasing a new product” and “protects your investment”.

Overall Step-Up is a useful program, giving you a chance to change your mind in an upwards direction within 6 months, perhaps following the release of a new GPU.

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That's actually a pretty good deal on top of the warranties they do. 680 next month, 780 march…?
I don't agree with you here. If you bought a 680 next month you should have absolutely no reason to purchase a 780 in march.

While on the surface it looks like a great thing, its just a way for evga to encourage people to buy the newest latest and greatest without actually having the need to, but hey its there money I guess.

Im happy with my 570 I bought last year and it'll probably last me until 770 or similar comes out.
most of the time this isnt a great deal as you have to upgrade to a card that is sold at RRP. I had an evga 570 and i wanted to upgrade to a GTx580 it ended up working out cheaper for me to sell the 570 on the forums and buy an msi twin frozer 2 580 at the time as it was on sale at about £350 and the evga stock cooled card was £429.99
I don't agree with you here. If you bought a 680 next month you should have absolutely no reason to purchase a 780 in march.

I don't understand, why should I have no reason to upgrade? Is that just opinion or are you spying on me?? :P I'd basically be paying RRP for the 780 after the upgrade but I'd get the 680 in the meantime, and if I chose not to I'd still have a 680.

Taking 680/780 out of the equation, if you buy a 660 and find want more oomph later you've got longer to decide whether you want to go for a 670/680, I just don't see that as a negative.

Im speaking generally, Everyone will have their reasons to upgrade but im just old fashioned and if card X does the job then spending money on card Y when its not needed just seems a waste.

If you have your reasons then awesome, im just pointing out that evga are trying to make this deal sound amazing when really they're just preying on the majority of people that ‘need’ to have the latest and greatest, for most of which is just a dick size competition.

Not to go off topic but like the Iphone 5. I often facepalm when I speak to people that had the 4S and now have upgraded to the 5 and when you ask why they spent the money you normally get ‘cos its better’ or ‘just cos’

There money I guess :)