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XFX launches overclocked NVIDIA GeForce 6800

by Steve Kerrison on 5 October 2005, 20:06

Tags: XFX Nvidia Geforce 6800, XFX (HKG:1079)

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XFX, always a company for pushing the bounds of reference clocks, has announced a new, immediately available, overclocked NVIDIA GeForce 6800 card - the XFX GeForce 6800XT.

XFX have taken the NVIDIA GeForce 6800's GPU from 300MHz all the way up to 325MHz - not exactly a stellar boost. GeForce 6 series GPUs do tend to overclock at least a little, so this 25MHz bump in core for the XT seems a conservative pretty safe bet for the company. However, if pricing is competitive towards lower and slower clocked 6800 variants then it could grab a pretty good share of the mid-range gaming graphics market.

You get 128MiB of frame buffer running at 700MHz, plus the dual DVI outputs dual-TFT junkies are coming to love. We'll leave you with a product shot...


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wizz, wizz, ban…….pfffft
I've read that those 110mn NV42 chips can clock up and offer serious competition to the 6800GT, they are just crippled with DDR only memory. Stick some 2.0ns GDDR3 on there and you'd have a fairly hot little card.
I suspect if the pricing of these GPUs was cheap enough someone would be tinkering :)

Could end up like with the 4200 - people copying that of the 4600 and being cheaper
Do keep in mind that the NV42 110nm chip only has 12 pixel pipes and 5vp there is nothing to unlock.