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AMD Radeon HD 6970 performance figures leaked

by Pete Mason on 13 December 2010, 09:48


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The cat's out of the bag

Just a few days ahead of the anticipated unveiling of AMD's flagship Cayman GPUs - more commonly known as the Radeon HD 6900-series - Russian site hw-lab has posted full details on the new cards, along with a slew of benchmark results.

With the help of the latest build of GPU-Z, the site has revealed that the HD 6970's core will have 1,536 shaders clocked at 880MHz compared to the HD 5870's 1,600 clocked at 850MHz. The 2GB frame buffer will be clocked at 5,500MHz and connected via a 256-bit bus, giving it plenty of bandwidth.

However, the performance figures are a lot more interesting than the spec sheet. In the older 3DMark Vantage suite, the card managed an overall score of H15,386, which - based on our own numbers - puts it ahead of NVIDIA's GTX 480 and AMD's own HD 5870, but behind the GTX 570 by quite a margin. Although the tests were carried out on an AMD platform, making an apples-to-apples comparison with our own benchmark results impossible, they still give a good indication of where the card might sit.

It was a similar story with the Unigine Heaven test, where the HD 6970 outperformed all of the other AMD GPUs, but couldn't match either of NVIDIA's new cards under extreme tessellation.

The source also posted results for the recently released 3DMark 11. While we don't have any of our own results to compare it to, the source tested a GTX 470 as well, which was found to be around 12 per cent slower than the new Radeon. Once again, this means that the HD 6970 is likely to perform somewhere between the GTX 470 and the GTX 570.

Based on this information, it doesn't look like the newest member of the Radeon family will be quite the performance monster that we'd been hoping for, although we'll have to wait to do our own testing before we can pass judgement. However, if we're lucky it will mean that the card will be priced to undercut the GTX 570, launching for as little as £250.

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Wow very very underwhelming, though I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the Hexus review ;)

Still i spose if it triggers a vicious price war it could make my next GPU purchase very interesting. Looking to spend around £180 so we shall see what it does to the cards at this price point. Bear in mind a 5870 can be had for this price so I'll probably just go for that.
Wow very very underwhelming, though I'll reserve judgement until I've seen the Hexus review ;)

Agreed, though I'm curious to see what impact moving to an Intel Core i7 980X will have on the numbers. I think it'll perform much closer to the GTX 570, although I'm still a bit surprised at this. I was expecting it to at least leap frog the GTX 480/570.

Looks like the green team wont be dying anytime soon…

Only if it's priced poorly. It the price performance ratio is good, I don't think it's a fail at all. It'll still deliver far more performance than I - or most other people - will need anyway.
I believe it was targeting the 570, so to come close to that in areas that nVidia are traditionally strong at isn't that bad, certainly not a fail.

The question will be what is the die size of this part? If it's much smaller than the 570/580 part then AMD are laughing, and might be able to lower prices without hitting profit margins too badly. But we don't know - rumour is it's a bit larger than recent AMD ones.