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World exclusive: ATI RV730 XT, ATI RV730 Pro and ATI RV710 pictured

by Parm Mann on 21 August 2008, 13:01


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Gunning for NVIDIA's GeForce 9500 GT and GeForce 9800 GT

If you thought that AMD was all about producing the “fastest consumer graphics card in the world,” then think again…

Having seemingly made its point at the extreme mid-range, high-end and extreme high-end of the market with its ATI Radeon HD 4850, 4870 and its dual-GPU X2 derivatives, AMD is poised to introduce three additional ATI Radeon 3D graphics accelerators targeted at the value and mainstream market segments.

HEXUS has snapped exclusive nudies of engineering samples of these products, and here's the trio laid out bare:

Left-foreground is the ATI RV730 XT, right-foreground is the ATI RV730 Pro and centre-rear is the passively cooled ATI RV710.

All three of the engineering samples feature DisplayPort connectivity, including the silent ATI RV710. But, of course, it will be down to each of AMD’s individual Add-In-Board partners to spec their own products and decide whether to feature the connectors.

Like NVIDIA’s Chris Evenden, HEXUS would like to thank AMD’s Dave Baumann for his shoes and everything.

Head on over to page 2 for a handful of exclusive pictures!