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AMD Phenom II X6 "Thuban" processors priced?

by Parm Mann on 22 March 2010, 10:48


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Bahrain-based retailer Advanti Online appears to have revealed pricing for AMD's upcoming hexa-core Phenom II X6 processors, codenamed Thuban.

Citing AMD as its source, the retailer's Facebook page lists pricing information as follows:

Phenom II X6 Six Core
1090T Black Edition: 125(W), AM3 Socket, 9MB Cache, 3.2 GHz Freq @ 295 USD
1055T: 125(W), AM3 Socket, 9MB Cache, 2.8 GHz Freq @ 199 USD

AMD hasn't commented on the speculation, but the supposed pricing suggests the Phenom II X6 parts will certainly be worthy of consideration, and could bring about a new level of performance-per-pound.

The leak comes just days after motherboard manufacturer GIGABYTE let slip clock speeds for AMD hexa-core Thuban CPUs. However, contrary to previous reports, Advanti Online suggests the 2.8GHz Phenom II X6 will feature a 125W TDP, and not 95W as originally reported.

For the enthusiast space, it seems AMD will also have a 3.2GHz part - the Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition. Judging by the name, the chip may be multiplier unlocked, and at under $300 could quickly become a favourite among enthusiast users.

Adding credibility to Advanti's leaks, Danish retailer currently has both Phenom II X6 processors listed for pre-order at similar prices, with availability expected on April 20th.

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There is no arguement that intel hold the best processors, but AMD do keep making great deals for us ‘normal’ people who don't have unlimited pockets.

Will be interesting to see how this lines up in the benchmarks.
These seem a tad cheap to me when compared against intel's pricing. Either these chips are woefully short on performance when compared to the 980x, we are in for a bargain unseen since the days of the celeron 300a or this information is just wrong.
… Either these chips are woefully short on performance when compared to the 980x, …

You have been reading reviews of Phenom II vs i7, haven't you?

I think it's pretty obvious that hexacore Thuban isn't going to get anywhere near the i7 980X. The top clocked Phenom II Quad Core can't even compete with an i7 920, after all. Thuban was always going to be 6-core for the mainstream, and with high clock speeds, a turbo mode, and 6 actual cores, it should compete very well against the lower i7s, so a $295 list price for the top end model would make a lot of sense. We'll have to wait for Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer to see if AMD can challenge for the extreme performance segment - in the mean time, this looks like it could be a good stab at the lower end of the enthusiast market…

Now we just need to wait for benchmarks… *sigh*
Quite - it's about targeting different sectors of the market. At the moment the only >4 core chips from Intel are extreme enthusiast grade or pricey server ones. Their mainstream offerings are quad or even less as they seem to be pushing towards dual core.

If you do have a reason to use multiple cores then this is the only mainstream option.. assuming AMD can hit the pricing right.
It is irrational, but 3.2GHz is a magic number for me, i want one!