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Arctic Cooling launches Alpine 11 CPU coolers, offers support for Intel's Core i5

by Parm Mann on 6 May 2009, 13:48

Tags: Alpine, Arctic

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Intel's mainstream Nehalem derivative - Core i5 - is believed to be hitting the market sometime in Q3 this year, and though we've already seen leaked CPU speeds and pricing, we can't seem to recall many compatible third-party coolers.

Hoping to get a head start on its competitors, Switzerland's Arctic Cooling is today launching a trio of CPU coolers that support the upcoming Intel Core i5 Socket LGA1156.

The Alpine 11 series, pictured below (from left to right: Alpine 11, Alpine 11 Pro and Alpine 11 Pro GT), offers a future-proof solution to users contemplating a Core i5 upgrade, and is multi-compatible with Intel's existing Socket LGA775.

The Alpine 11 and Alpine 11 GT, equipped with 80mm and 92mm PWM fans respectively, claim to keep noise levels down to 0.3 / 0.4 Sone when operating at full speed.

The Alpine 11 Pro, meanwhile, features a 2,000rpm 92mm PWM fan, a larger heatsink and a patented vibration-absorption design that'll keep noise levels below 0.4 Sone - a standard that Intel's stock cooler can't compete with, says Arctic Cooling.

What's most interesting, however, is each cooler's specified maximum cooling capacity. According to Arctic Cooling, the Alpine 11 coolers are rated at 70 Watts, 90 Watts and 95 Watts, respectively. With all three listed as Socket 1156 compatible, will we be seeing Core i5 parts with a TDP of 70 Watts or less? Perhaps Arctic Cooling knows something we don't.

Arctic Cooling lists the completely specifications as follows:

  Alpine 11 GT Alpine 11 Alpine 11 Pro
Target group Mainstream Mainstream Power
Dimensions 89 L x 89 W x 75 H (mm) 100 L x 96 W x 87 H (mm) 105.3 L x 113.4 W x 85 H (mm)
Fan 80mm 92mm 92mm
Fan speed 500 – 2,000 RPM
(controlled by PWM)
900 – 2,000 RPM
(controlled by PWM)
500 – 2,000 RPM
(controlled by PWM)
Air flow 28.6 CFM / 48.5 m3/h 36 CFM / 62 m3/h 36.7 CFM / 62.2 m3/h
Max cooling
70 Watts 90 Watts 95 Watts
Noise level 0.3 Sone 0.4 Sone 0.4 Sone
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Weight 286g 370g 428g
Compatibility Intel Socket 1156, 775 Intel Socket 1156, 775 Intel Socket 1156, 775
Patents DE 20307981, US
DE 20307981, US 7101149 DE 20307981,
DE202005011514, US7101149,
CN 200610106209
(excl. VAT)
$8,00 / €5.60 $10.25 / €7.10 $14.35 / €9.90

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Quiet fan and cheap, but one does have to wonder if their performance is more or less the same as Intel's own stock heatsinks. I'm not knocking Arctic Cooling (as I have a Freezer 64 Pro myself), but do consumers actually buy these low budget heatsinks. I would rather spend a bit more money on something that cools better.
These launches all seem to be overshadowed by the ultimate budget offering, the Freezer Pro. Id rather spend a few quid more and get a Pro than some form of stock cooler copy cat.