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Corsair Hydro Series H75 dual fan 120mm liquid cooler announced

by Mark Tyson on 24 October 2013, 19:30

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Corsair today announced the Hydro Series H75 dual-fan 120mm liquid CPU cooler. With this new easy-to-install solution Corsair says it is aiming to “bring dual-fan 120mm liquid CPU cooling to the masses”. This new mid-range liquid cooler will be available from November at a suggested price of $84.99, just $5 more than the single 120mm fan equipped Hydro Series H60 but a decent $25 below the similar form factor twin 120mm fan equipped “high performance” H80i unit.

The new Hydro Series H75 is easy to install (a walk through video is embedded below) and employs a 120mm dual-fan setup stacked with the 25mm thick radiator unit so it will fit easily into most PC cases on the market today. “The H75 is a great choice for PC enthusiasts who want the streamlined features of our H60 120mm cooler but desire the additional cooling performance of a dual fan design,” said Xavier Lauwaert, Director of Product Marketing at Corsair.

Corsair tells us that the low-profile CPU cooling block used in the construction of the Hydro Series H75 utilises a micro-fin copper cold plate for efficient heat transfer. The CPU cooling block is connected to the radiator-fans unit via kink-resistant rubber tubing. Like all the rest of the Hydro series the H75 liquid doesn’t require topping up or maintenance.

Low noise considerations

To help keep noise produced by the Hydro Series H75 cooler to a minimum Corsair has implemented two main design decisions; first of all the ceramic bearing pump is said to provide reliable, low-noise heat transfer away from the CPU, secondly the dual SP120L fans are PWM motherboard compatible so can automatically run slower or faster to adapt to temperatures and keep fan noise at minimum levels.

Corsair Hydro Series H75 specifications:

  • 120mm aluminum radiator: 120mm x 152mm x 25mm
  • Two SP120L PWM 120mm high static pressure fans: 120mm x 25mm, 2000 RPM (+/- 10%), 54 CFM, 31.4 dBA
  • PWM fan control for customizable cooling
  • Support for AMD and Intel CPUs
  • AM2, AM3, FM1, FM2, LGA 1156, 1155, 1150, 1366, 2011
  • Advanced copper cold plate and manifold design
  • Tool-free bracket for simple installation on most Intel and AMD motherboards
  • Sealed all-in-one design, pre-filled and maintenance free
  • 5-year limited warranty

Corsair must hope that the H75 hits a few computer systems builder’s sweet spots with its balance of price and cooling performance. As mentioned above the price is a full $25 lower than the next cheapest twin 120mm fan liquid cooler in Corsair’s Hydro range, the Hydro Series H80i High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler. Incidentally $35 more can secure you the Hydro Series H100i Extreme Performance CPU Cooler with a 240mm radiator, if your case can accommodate it and your wallet is willing.

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wow! I prefer this for my system because I'm using an H60 2013 edition hard to make a dual fan with it, and this H75 has a dual fan push pull settings would do for my system. i like the copper cold plate that is circular looks good and easy to clean. i will definitely buy one like this. :D
hmm, I'm wondering if this would be a worthwhile upgrade (or the H100) for my tower. At the moment I've got a Noctua NH-D14 air cooler that's handling my creaky old PhenomII without breaking a sweat. But, it occurs to me that the smaller bulk of one of these Corsairs might give me better airflow round the bridge and memory components - that D14 is a substantial chunk o' metal!

Got a HAF932 so plenty of space to use. Any opinions?
Well I hope that they have improved the fixings from the H80i. On the H80i if you have a motherboard that is thinner than what Corsair consider normal then it doesn't fit tightly to the cpu and frankly doesn't work. (google and you'll find lots of other cases)

I have an MSI Gaming Z87-G45 which the H80i was so loose on when fitted as tight as their fittings would allow didn't even bring the thermal paste into contact with the cpu…

I got round it by using shorter motherboard standoffs than they supplied with some of my own thumbscrews.

When I logged an issue with Corsair about this my case just got deleted after 3 days with no response ( I received a reference number in an email but after 3 days it was no longer valid apparently) A pity as previously Corsair have treated me very well with other issues.
All of my current builds have corsair cooling in them,(I am currently running an H100i in my gaming tower, I put my old H80 in my wife's tower and my H60 in my HTPC) only my laptop isn't corsair cooled.