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Cooler Master launches HAF X chassis

by Parm Mann on 26 May 2010, 12:02

Tags: Cooler Master

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Cooler Master has taken the wraps off of its flagship high-air-flow chassis, the HAF X.

Arriving as a bigger brother to the existing HAF 932 and HAF 922, the new addition to the family boasts higher performance and enough room to house most of today's high-end components.

Measuring 230mm x 550mm x 599mm and weighing 14.35kg, the HAF X is comfortably bigger than its predecessors and supports a choice of M-ATX, ATX or E-ATX motherboards - though, there's sadly no official support for XL-ATX boards such as GIGABYTE's UD9.

There's plenty of room for cooling and graphics, however. HAF X features a 230mm red LED front intake, dual 200mm top exhausts and a rear 140mm fan, too. There's room for another 200mm fan to be added to the side panel, and the water cooling crowd will find space for a radiator to be mounted up top.

Extra-long graphics cards aren't a problem - there's room for AMD's ATI Radeon HD 5970 - and nine expansion slots leave plenty of room for multi-GPU configurations.

Five 3.5in drive bays and six 5.25in drive bays (two of which convert to 2.5in for your SSDs) make up the storage arrangement, and HAF X provides external easy-swap access to all installed 3.5in hard disks.

Rounding off the upgrades is a "refined cable management system", an improved tool-free design and the addition of two USB 3.0 ports to the top I/O panel.

Sounds rather nice, and Cooler Master tells us the HAF X will be available soon priced at an MSRP of £150. That's roughly £40 more than the HAF 932.

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Totally. Will they ever stop making cases with chunky, knobbly bits of plastic stuck all over the outside?
Looks really good high air flow and dust filters on the front and side panels. Dont look to be any cooling for the easy swap hard drive bays, but the other five bays are covered by the front fan.
Not sure I can see the point of something this size other than possibly as a server.

6 hard disks? With 2TB drives that is merely 12TB of storeage or maybe 9-10TB in RAID 5 configuration.

How many 3.5“ slots do you need? I struggle passed 3, DVD/Blu-Ray, fan controller and maybe a card reader - given that the best fan controllers do not need a 3.5” bay I suppose I could have room for 2 DVD/Blu-ray drives and a music nut would probably want a front panel to plug in their kit.

These enormous cases are nothing more than a willy waving competition

another ugly case