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SilverStone's Grandia GD04 HTPC chassis heads for retail

by Parm Mann on 25 September 2009, 14:10

Tags: Grandia GD04, SilverstoneTek

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If you're a fan of the Grandia GD02 that felt irked by SilverStone's decision to revert to an ATX form factor with the Grandia GD03, you might like the look of the Taiwanese manufacturers latest addition, unsurprisingly dubbed the Grandia GD04.

Going back to the micro-ATX form factor, the GD04 arrives as the successor to the popular GD02 and throws in a couple of upgraded features.

The chassis, available in black (above) or white (below) finishes, features a steel body and aluminium front face. Measuring 440mm x 150mm x 323mm, it's slightly shorter than the GD02 in terms of height, but it manages to offer an improved cooling solution in the form of three 120mm fans. You'll find one mounted on the left, and two mounted on the right.

Spinning at 1,200rpm, the GD04's fans should be notably quieter than the 80mm solutions found in the older Grandia GD02.

Despite being designed to "integrate into any home theatre cabinet", SilverStone's chassis retains plenty of room for standard components. The Grandia GD04 accommodates micro-ATX motherboards and there's room for two graphics cards up to 10.5in in length.

There's a single 5.25in external optical drive bay, two 3.5in hard drive bays, a 2.5in SSD bay and room for a standard ATX power supply. The chassis' front face is adorned with a pair of USB ports, audio ports and both power and reset buttons.

Planning on picking one up for your next HTPC build? SilverStone tells us the Grandia GD04 will be hitting European stores on September 29th with a price tag of €81.60 excluding VAT.

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Posted in Scan section asking as to when they would be stocking it but got no reply presumably due to it being delayed, looks a beauty!

Unsurprisingly the price has gone up from the reported ~$100, but hey thats for the US?