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SilverStone unveils Raven RV02 chassis, hitting stores next month

by Parm Mann on 23 July 2009, 13:23

Tags: Raven RV02, SilverstoneTek

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Back in 2008, SilverStone's high-end Raven RV01 chassis turned heads - and motherboards - by featuring a revolutionary design that holds a mainboard at a 90° angle.

The theory, put simply, is that bottom-mounted fans will ensure all the hot air inside the chassis does what it does best - rise up, and out. Now, as you might remember, we scored a look at the second Raven chassis - the Raven RV02 - at last month's COMPUTEX, and SilverStone is today making it official by pencilling in a "middle of August" launch window.

It might not look it, but the steel Raven RV02 is actually smaller than the original RV01. It now measures just 643mm x 503mm x 212mm, but it promises to retain most of the high-end functionality.

The shrink in size does result in a loss of support for Extended-ATX boards, but ATX and mATX users are still invited, and your boards will be held at a 90° angle - with the motherboard backplate accessible from the top of the tower. Sounds unsightly, but don't worry, it's covered by a plastic shell that should route all your cables toward the rear.

New to the RV02 is an all-black interior, an eighth expansion slot - allowing for four dual-slot GPUs to be installed - and three 180mm bottom-mounted fans, that's one more than the original RV01. Couple those three intakes with a 120mm top-mounted exhaust and an upward-pointing power supply, and you should have a stack-effect cooling solution with little-to-no dead zones.

SilverStone hasn't yet confirmed final figures for pricing, but last we heard the Raven RV02 will arrive at between £100 and £120.

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I'll be very interested to see some reviews of this once it's out..
I was looking at the first one and this does look like an improvement, at least with the extra 18cm fan.

But if it's gotten smaller….. where does the PSU go? Judging from the back panel placement and mesh, I assume it goes facing the back panel you see in the first pic.

Will be an interesting call between this and the original, and the FT02, which confirms the PSU placement issue.

EDIT: Actually on reflection it looks pretty roomy, but I prefer the styling on the RV01.
When the first Raven was released I was impressed by the concept but frankly disapointed by the styling, same again for this version.

However Silverstone also have the Fortress2 on the horizon which features much the same internal arrangement but much more minimalistic, classy looks.
Very interesting and I wonder how a water kit would look in this…. Very interesting indeed. Three intake fans and not obstructing the front, genius work…