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SilverStone releases mini-ITX Sugo SG05 chassis. SG06 to follow

by Tarinder Sandhu on 4 March 2009, 19:03

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First seen at this year's CES show in Las Vegas, SilverStone paraded the smallest Sugo chassis yet.

The Sugo SG05 is aimed toward the HTPC enthusiast who wants a small chassis that doesn't skimp on the features, so we took a first look.

Able to take Mini-DTX (who has one of them?) or Mini-ITX boards, the 10.8-litre SG05 will cost around $95 when it goes on sale this week.

Housing an intake 120mm fan at the front and a slot for a slim optical drive at the top, the SG05's budget origins show through in the plastic front. Mind you, it's not bad at all, and it looks better than in the picture.

The show model was equipped with ZOTAC's impressive GeForce 9300 mini-ITX board and GeForce 9800 GTX+ card. Whilst small, the SG05 packs in a 300W PSU and should be able to power all nine-inch-long video cards.

SilverStone will also sell a half-height Blu-ray drive for folks who don't have access to one, but expect it to cost a further $170 on top.

Supporting either 2.5in or 3.5in drives, we reckon the SG05 makes reasonable sense as an HTPC chassis, especially if equipped with a decent board.

Should you have a bit more cash at your disposal, SilverStone will be selling the just-announced SG06 in a couple of months time. Based ostensibly on the SG05 and costing $30 more, the newer model packs in a nicer-looking aluminium front and SHARKOON 'Golf Ball' fan.

Do these chassis tickle your fancy as bases for an HTPC chassis? Tell us what you think.

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Yes! That's what I wanna see :)

I'm not sure about the airflow once the intake fan on the front pulls it in, however. The back of the case has no outlet perforations, and it seems likely that the hot air will have to escape through the PSU, which is hardly ideal.

I'm still a fan of the big intake… fan (see what I did there?) and slim cd drive. SFFs ought to adopt slim optical drives as the default option given how chunky standard ones are.
love the sg05 , in love with the sg06
I love the Sugo 06, but it needs two changes:

> The twin USB front ports are ugly
> It needs a 400W 80+ PSU with sleeved cables and a 92mm fan or bigger to deal with the CPU cooling.

listen to me silverstone; i own three systems each with a SST case (LC16M, SG01e, SG03), two of which with SST NT06 coolers, and the third with the Nightjar PSU.
I have to say I'm not convinced by a 120mm LED fan taking up most of the front of a HTPC case - a bit distracting, I'd've though. Otherwise it looks like a nice case: although I'd probably go with something a bit flatter for an HTPC myself - a discreet graphics card seems like overkill for playing DVDs….