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The ASUS DRW-1608P

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ASUS DRW-1608P Internal DVD-Rewriter Supporting 6X DVD+/-R Double Layer Technology and 16X DVD+/- Write
Superior data storage capacity and quality for increased efficiency and greater enjoyment

Milton Keynes, 5 Feb 2005 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), a leading provider of high-performance optical storage devices, today introduced the DRW-1608P, the industry’s superior DVD rewriter that supports both 16X DVD+/-Write and 6X DVD+/-R double layer media source.

With the popularity of digital multimedia entertainment on the rise, the demand for higher data storage quality and capacity to accommodate video and audio data is also increasing. The ASUS DRW-1608P supports the latest double layer technology, which almost doubles the DVD+R storage capacity from 4.7GB to 8.5GB, providing up to four hours of DVD quality video archive ability. In addition, with the new double layer technology, full storage capacity can be achieved on one side of a single disc without the need to turn over.

Flexibility for the wide array of media formats is also very important. The ASUS DRW-1608P offers both 16X DVD-Write and 16X DVD+Write, making it capable of reading from and writing on DVD-Writeable/Rewriteable and DVD+Writeable/Rewriteable formats. With dual-format adopting features, the DRW-1608P creates DVDs that can be played and read by most DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. It also enables 6X DVD-Rewrite, 8X DVD+Rewrite, 16X DVD-ROM, 40X CD-Write, 24X CD-Rewrite and 40X CD-ROM providing flexible and high-speed operation.

The ASUS DRW-1608Padopted several innovative technologies found only in ASUS optical drives, including:

FlextraLink™ – No More Disc Coasters

Unusable discs are often caused by buffer under-run, which occurs when the system cannot keep up a steady data supply stream to the writer, inducing “blank spots” on the disc. FlextraLink™ prevents this failure issue during the data burning process by marking the disc where writing stopped and resume the operation at the same place when information flow begins again.

FlextraSpeed™ – Operate at the optimal recording speed

FlextraSpeedTM continuously monitors the recording media and sets the optimal writing speeds to ensure best recording quality. The results are enhanced accuracy and reliability when reading/ writing/ re-writing across a broad range of certified media in different formats. The optimal operation speed also effectively lowers noise, prolongs motor life and saves CPU resource.

DDSSII – Operate with exceptional stability

The DDSS II (Double Dynamic Suspension System II) technology is a patented anti-vibration technology from ASUS. This innovation is designed to minimize the vibration caused by the spindle motor and resonance between components as well as the drive and PC case. The ASUS DDSS II stabilizes the pick-up head both horizontally and vertically, achieving more precise tracking while reducing vibration and nose produced by high revolution spindle motors.

Liquid Crystal Tilt – Enhanced focusing on uneven discs

LCT (Liquid Crystal Tilt) technology provides enhanced pick-up head line up accuracy during recording and playback on disks with the uneven curvature and surfaces of discs.

All ASUS proprietary technologies occupy minimal system resources, allowing the PC to remain fully operational and available for other applications even during the recording process.

For additional information about ASUS optical storage devices or other quality products, please visit the company homepage at


-16X DVD-Write/6X DVD-RW/16X DVD+Write/8X DVD+ReWrite/6X DVD±R (DL)/16X DVD-ROM/40X CD-Write/24X CD-ReWrite/40X CD-ROM
- Vertical and Horizontal Mounting Available
- Support DAO, TAO, SAO, Packet Write
- Support Windows XP/NT/ME/2000/98SE
- Multiple formats: DVD-ROM, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM Mode1, CD-ROM/XA Mode2, Photo CD, CD-I, CD-Extra, CD-Text
- Bundled Latest NERO & ULEAD Software

About ASUS

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (TSE:2357) is a leading provider of 3C total solutions. Its product portfolio includes notebooks, motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, information appliances, desktop PCs, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones and networking devices. With world-class engineering and offices and subsidiaries located in all corners of the world, ASUSTeK provides innovative solutions to consumers, businesses and OEM/ODM customers. The company is the perennial leader of the motherboard and graphics card industries and a top 10 player globally for notebooks, optical drives, broadband modems and a wide range of other products.