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Kingston Technology First to Market with Ultra Fast 1.2 GHz Memory.

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Kingston Technology First to Market with Ultra Fast 1.2 GHz Memory.

- High Frequency PC9200, PC9600 HyperX Modules Take Performance Computing to Exciting New Levels -

10 January, 2007 - Kingston Technology, the world’s leading independent memory manufacturer, today announced the launch of its new 1.150 GHz and 1.200 GHz DDR2 HyperX memory modules. Hotly anticipated by gamers and computing enthusiasts, Kingston Technology is the first to bring 100% production tested PC9600 and PC9200 high frequency HyperX memory modules to the market.

Marc Bernier, Research and Development Manager EMEA, Kingston Technology comments, “Kingston’s HyperX memory is 100 percent production tested at full frequency specifications.” Bernier continues, “Just add a high-end gaming motherboard, AMD CPU, a proper power supply, cooling capabilities and overclocking skills and you have the right ingredients for truly mind blowing gaming!”

“Achieving the highest performance possible has always been the goal of both enthusiast gamers and AMD,” said Reuven Soraya, director, chipset marketing, AMD. “Kingston’s new high frequency HyperX DDR2 9600’s (1.200 GHz) and 9200’s (1.150 GHz), in combination with AMD processors and chipsets is now taking gaming to new levels of performance.”

Raymond Chen, Vice President of Marketing, ASUS Computer International comments, “The testing for Kingston Technology’s new HyperX modules was done on ASUS motherboards with ATI Radeon, nForce 600 and i965 chipsets. When these modules are combined with high performance ASUS motherboards, it delivers the ultimate in high frequency gaming memory to PC enthusiasts.”

Kingston Technology’s new HyperX 1.1 GHz and 1.2 GHz modules are available in 512-MB and 1-GB capacities, 1-GB and 2-GB kits are also available to support the latest in high-performance computing. Each module completes 24 hours of burn-in reliability testing, extensive dynamic testing and visual inspection. Kingston Technology’s HyperX DDR2 memory also comes with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 technical support.

HyperX 1.200 GHz and 1.150 GHz DIMM Features:


· DDR2-1200 CL5-5-5-15 2.3-2.35V
· CAS Latency: 5

· DDR2-1150 CL5-5-5-15 2.3-2.35V
· CAS Latency: 5

Editor's note

It seems as if Corsair and OCZ aren't the only companies pushing the performance envelope for DDR2 RAM. Kingston informs us that a 2GB kit of its KHX9600D2 memory will retail for around £325 and the KHX9200D2 for around £320.