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Xebec Tech is adding to its impressive range of wireless electronic products - with the launch of its great-looking rechargeable compact itouchpad diamond keyboard.

The wireless keyboard combines clean, high quality design with market-leading performance, not least the fact that it is rechargeable, a feature now highly valued by many consumers.

Xebec Tech's goal is to become a major supplier of wireless computer products, a fast-growing sector in the electronics market.

The itouchpad diamond keyboard is sleek and light yet highly robust thanks to the quality of its design and manufacture, so it is well-suited to a range of portable uses both in the home and at work.

Ergonomic design and compact size - it's just 30cm by 20 cm by 2.5 cm and a weight of 570g including batteries, making it easy to hold and use in any location.

In the kitchen, for example, it can be used to follow a recipe via a laptop hooked into a TV. It is also ideal for effortless internet browsing, via a TV screen, from t comfort of your sofa or even in bed.

The itouchpad diamond is also perfect for giving presentations in the boardroom, lecture theatre or classroom, allowing the user to move around the room and fully engage with their audience.

Xebec Tech director Hitesh Dhulashia, says: "The use of compact keyboards both at work  and in the home will only increase. There's a huge market for these products.

"They allow expensive or more bulky computer equipment to be safely placed out of the way without any loss of functionality.

"Here at Xebec Tech we can now offer a high spec product at a highly competitive price that performs brilliantly and looks just as good in the office or home.

"We're particularly proud of our itouchpad diamond ice white keyboard. Its polished surface is very high quality finish and we're sure it's going to be very popular."

Xebech Tech has worked closely with its designers and manufacturing partners in China to ensure the keyboard performs impressively.

Operating on a 2.4Ghz frequency allows it to have a wireless range of 10 metres, so there's little chance of losing the signal. The plug and play functionality of the keyboard ensures easy installation. The USB nano receiver slots into a space on the underside of the keyboard when it's not in use, so that it is not easily lost.

The itouchpad diamond keyboard has a built in mouse trackpad with right and left click capabilities so there is no need for an external mouse.

The batteries, which are included, are recharged by attaching the keyboard to a computer with a USB cable. There is a low battery warning light and a power on/off switch to save the batteries when the keyboard is not being used.