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Phanteks introduces the Glacier G1080Ti Founders Edition

Tags: Phanteks, NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands, March 14th, 2017 – With the release of Nvidia’s newest  flagship gaming GPU, the GTX 1080Ti, Phanteks is excited to introduce the Glacier Series G1080Ti. The full cover waterblock from Phanteks are designed to work seamlessly with Nvidia’s new GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition and Titan X cards, which allows serious overclocking and extreme performance. 

Made from premium materials according to the finest standards of craftsmanship from Phanteks, the G1080Ti water block delivers extreme cooling and improve stability under high overclocks for the enthusiasts. VITON sealing from the Automotive and Aerospace Industries ensure the best reliability and longevity. 

The Glacier Series features RGB lighting to let you synchronize lighting patterns and effects from your RGB motherboard and Phanteks RGB products.

Phanteks Glacier G1080Ti will be available in April, 2017 with two color options: Mirrored Chrome and Satin Black.


GLACIER G1080Ti    PH-GB1080Ti_BK01 / PH-GB1080Ti_CR01   €149,90 / £129.99


For more detailed data and specifications information, please visit our website 



2 Years Limited Warranty