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SilverStone announces new HTPC chassis designed for video and movie enthusiasts — Grandia GD03

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SilverStone is proud to announce the impending availability of the new Grandia GD03 chassis.  A chassis designed for massive storage capability with a total available space of up to “seven” hard drives.  SilverStone engineers were able to achieve this new storage capacity while still keeping the dimensions of a standard ATX sized HTPC chassis the same as previously released models.  If storage space starts to run out, the user can easily replace two of the hard drives via the hot-swappable drive trays.  The GD03 makes it easy to always increase capacity for large media content such as home videos or movies!

Overview of the features:

  • Dual hot-swappable hard drive racks and a fixed cage capable of holding five hard drives enables installation of seven hard drives.
  • Dual 5.25” drive bays for up to two Blu-ray or DVD drives.
  • Optimized for cooling performance and quietness with two rear 80mm exhaust fans and dual 80mm fan bracket.

For information and detailed specification, please visit Grandia GD03 product page at SilverStone’s official website: