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CTS - 2006 :: The Zboard FANG for gamers

by Steven Williamson on 11 May 2006, 20:14

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At the Computer Trade show there were dozens of keyboards on show, some with secret compartments, some with glowing lights, and others with a durable, sleek ergonomic look, but how about a keyboard that will make your gaming experience easier?

We hooked up with ACCURATUS by Ceratech and had a gander at their product line which includes a range of gaming keyboard called the Zboard, and the first look at the new Zboard Fang, not currently in the shops.

Now the Zboard is so called due to its shape (see pic) Get it? It’s currently the only keyboard that offers swappable key sets. Whilst working or browsing the net you’ll use the standard QWERTY keyboard, but by simply unclipping this set of keys they can be replaced by one of the numerous gaming keyboards that are available. It took me about 7 seconds to change the keyboard over to the funky looking GUILD WARS : Factions set. I had a few concerns that they keys wouldn’t be stable, but the clip fastens tightly and feels stable. Unfortunately there were no games to try out the various key sets which included Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth II, Doom 3, and Call of Duty 2.

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ZBoard Merc

Each gaming set sports the official game’s graphics, the LOTR Battle for Middle Earth II set has 10 camera control keys and 35 dedicated action keys and labelled commands that make your gaming experience hassle free.

ZBoard keyset

ZBoard keyset

ZBoard keyset

Ceratech also showed us their latest product which is currently awaiting shipment, the Zboard FANG.

The Zboard fang has butterfly movement keys, which are enlarged and sloped; the keys are labelled with commonly used keys for first person shooter and action games. It registers up to 7 simultaneous key strokes. You’ll also be able to download MOD files to programme this keyboard with your favourite game controls. Measuring 230x 156x 25 the FANG keyboard is compact, feels comfortable, and will be an asset to any gamer.

The Fang

The Zboard Merc is Ceratech's current keyboard displays a standard keyboard on one side, and on the left is an integrated gaming keyboard. Simple but effective.

ZBoard Merc

ZBoard Merc

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