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QOTW: Which is your longest serving PC component?

by Parm Mann on 9 June 2017, 16:31

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Buying new components for a self-built PC can be a whole lot of fun, but there's something equally satisfying about repurposing an existing part that has done its job for many years while showing no signs of stopping.

Some items are naturally more enduring than others - chassis in particular can keep going for decades - but even those with moving parts can defy the odds. Most of my older items have been snapped up by family or friends who continue to use them - my mother-in-law still employs my old Intel Core 2 Duo processor - however I do have a few ageing items that I interact with almost each and every day.

One is a Microsoft Explorer Mouse, purchased way back in 2008. I had to replace its rechargeable batteries a couple of years ago, and the silver colouring on one side has slowly faded to black, but other than that it still works a treat. Heck, I'm so used to it that if the mouse were to fail, I'd probably want another one as a replacement. It's part of the family.

So how about you? Do you have any old gems that should really have been retired but continue to do you proud? To find out, this week's question asks: which is your longest-serving PC component?

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My cooler - a Thermalright Ultra Extreme which has been serving in my PC for the best part of a decade now (after the death of my old S775 system earlier this year I managed to find an LGA115x adaptor).
head phones, wireless digital stereo sennheiser about 5 years old now
My monitor, 10 years old, woefully out of date. Still need to buy a replacement but annoyingly my undecided future GPU choices plays a role in what its replacement will be.
Coolermaster case about 4 or 5yrs old everything else gets replaced every couple of years.
Microsoft Wheelmouse Optical and Natural Keyboard Pro.