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The Appy Awards 2012 results

by Mark Tyson on 26 April 2012, 19:46

Tags: Carphone Warehouse, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Last night in London’s iconic Battersea Power Station, hosted by Dermot O’Leary, the Appy Awards ceremony was held. By all accounts the ceremony and celeb count was much bigger than last year’s first ever Appy Awards. Apps are big business so it’s fitting to have a star studded award ceremony for these little pieces of software that can rake in £$ millions for the developers. According to the organisers the focus of the awards was upon recognising excellence, innovation and promoting great new yet undiscovered apps.

There were 12 categories in the awards and over 115,000 people voted on their favourites at in the run up to the evening. A panel of judges consisting of successful app developers , media types, retailers and sponsors Carphone Warehouse were panel judges helping deciding the winners from the public’s nominated shortlist entries.


Appy Awards 2012

Appy Awards 2012


Here are the Appy Award 2012 results;

  • Overall winner BEST app – Sky Sport News
  • Game – Angry Birds
  • Social app – Facebook
  • Photo app – Photoshop
  • Music app – YouTube
  • Food & Cooking app – Domino’s Pizza
  • Health/Wellbeing – NHS Direct
  • Entertainment app – YouTube
  • Sport app – Sky Sports News
  • Money saving app – Groupon
  • Fashion and Shopping app – eBay
  • News and weather app – BBC News
  • Travel app – Google Maps

Head honcho at CPW Andrew Harrison commented on the size of the app market: “It’s estimated that in 2012 alone, mobile users will download nearly 36 billion apps.” The market for apps is now so big and valuable it seems like the small one-man-band bedroom developers are being squeezed out of the limelight they once shared. This is definitely reflected in the list, all the apps are from mega-corporations!

Unfortunately I can’t see in the list any particular promotion of innovation or of less-well known apps, YouTube won two categories, and a lot of the winners this year were winners last year!!! Also I think a very important app category missing from the list is ‘time saving app’ or ‘utility app’, in both cases for me that would be SwiftKey X because it helps my fat sausage finger texting skills along a lot. I’m hoping for more innovation and surprises from next year's awards.

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Is this the same Domino's app that was advertised everywhere in the UK for ages but was only available in Spanish??

Looks like a general fail of a list TBH.
I'm with the author - how did SwiftKey X not win?. I had to switch back to the default android keyboard the other day - never again!
Shame there wasn't a single winner there you probably couldn't have predicted. Is this because the mobile app industry is still young or because it's stagnated?
They seem to have picked very generic categories. Honestly, it looks like they were paid off at every step.

Let's think about food and cooking, I'm expecting something like Foodgawker, maybe a recipe database, who knows. Oh, it's Dominoes. Why?

“Mouthwatering menus with a slick and simple display”

Oh and GTA III was on the shortlist for best game and having played it, it's much better than Angry Birds.

Come on, this is an absolute farce!
It would be helpful to know if these were apps for a specific platform, the last time I used Youtube on Blackberry or Windows Phone it was basically a web launcher. As for the News and Weather category, wouldn't it make more sense to split them up?