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Sharp rejected as iPad 3 screen supplier

by Steven Williamson on 12 January 2012, 10:48

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), LG Display

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LG Display and Samsung Electronics are now reported to be the two exclusive partners who will mass produce LCD screens for Apple’s new iPad 3 tablet, after Sharp apparently failed to pass the approval process.

Sharp was widely reported to be one of the front-runners for the mass manufacturing of the display panels for the third generation iPad with rumours that the tablet would incorporate Sharp’s IGZO technology, but the Korea Electronic Times Internet News has revealed that it’s now been cut out of the deal.

 “Sharp has competed with Samsung Electronics and LG Display over the development of display panels for the iPad 3, but reportedly failed to pass Apple’s approval process for mass production,” reports the Korean news channel. “It has been confirmed that Samsung Electronics and LG Display will supply LCD panels for Apple’s iPad 3, which is scheduled to be unveiled as early as in Q1 this year."

The report claims that Apple plans to buy 65 miilion LCD panels this year, with Samsung and LG Display set to produce 5 million screens for the launch of the iPad 3. Apple’s next generation tablet is widely believed to sport a XQGA 2,048×1,536 display, four times more potent than iPad 2’s 1,024x768 screen.

Source: Korea Electronic Times Internet News

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with apple suing everyone under the sun, i would have though, out of spite, that these other companies wouldnt want to work with them.

it would be pretty easy for samsung and LG to refuse to build screens for the ipad3, then when samsung release their updated pad devices. there wont be any apple devices for their patents to alledgedly infringe.

samsung and co. could prevent apple releasing anything, just like apples doing to them. :p

so apple must be having to pay a bit more than they would've liked to, for samsung to be willing to work with them, so i predict that the ipad3 will be about £50 more than the ipad2 because of this :D

thats just my theory anyhow :thumbsup:
Probably explains why you're not on the board of Samsung then. :)

65 Million screens per year alone is a massive revenue stream.
65 Million screens per year alone is a massive revenue stream.

Quite, better you than another Android Tablet maker…
65 million units is all well and good but it would depend on LG / Sammies profit margin per panel. Knowing apple they'll have squeezed the suppliers to less than $1 per panel.
However between sammie and lg they make up the lions share of the bill of materials on the ipad/phone so far.

Apple of course take the punt on that they'll sell 65mil units and thus keep nearly all the profit to themselves.
I would laugh if an ipad3 is only £50 more than an ipad2, from what i've read before there is going to be a spec replacement for the ipad2 (which will probably cost a little more) and then a ‘premium’ model ipad3 which would cost easily £150 more i'd say just because they can and have the followers that will pay whatever they ask.
Hang on, if they can make / put a 2048x1536 res screen in a 10" tablet, what the hell is up with the continuous stream of nasty 1366x768 etc screens that laptop makers keep stuffing in their new laptop models???