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ASUS teases PadFone 2 and it's a beast

by Alistair Lowe on 15 October 2012, 10:15

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When ASUS first announced its PadFone, it piqued the interest of quite a few of our readers; a high-end smartphone, that could slot into a larger, tablet form-factor. Alas, however, through a combination of poor awareness, late releases and not exactly the sleekest design the world has ever seen, the original PadFone slipped mostly under the radar.

Adamant that there is potential in the PadFone concept, ASUS has further developed its line and is fast approaching the release of the PadFone 2. Following much of the same principals of the original, device hardware will be uncompromising and, lining-up with the current high-end market, display size has increased. What we know about the PadFone 2 thus far:

  • Quad-core LTE CPU (potential for a Snapdragon S4 Pro)
  • 4.7in HD display
  • 13MP rear-facing camera
  • Likely to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Slimmer and lighter than its predecessor

Better yet, ASUS CEO, Jerry Chen, provided a brief sneak-peek of the new device on Bloomberg TV. We can't help but notice that the phone is square shaped and features a metallic bezel, something tells us that a fruit-named company may wind up in legal proceedings with ASUS somewhere down-the-line. However, the real question is, are you, our readers, interested? We also wonder if the tablet component will feature a FullHD 1080p display.

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Apple will only sue if it sells well, their motivation isn't design it's anti-competitive. How many smartphones are rectangular, with blunted corners and metal bits on, featuring small number of buttons at the foot of the screen and the main home screen or menu made up of many icons in a grid, some of which are rounded squares…?

I think I just described 90% of the market now that flip/sliders etc are a thing of the past in smartphones, only the Windows Phone handsets dare to be different (and good for them).

It's not like iPhones were even the first to look like that. In my opinion the iPhone 4+ resembles a Nokia N78 with the screen stretched down in place of the keypad…

The Apple vs Samsung case is a sham and everyone knows it, using legal technicalities to block fair competition, and selectively doing it to only your largest competitor…
The video has been made private but from what I've seen of the Padfone 2 on other sites, it seems to be of similar design to the original (metal strip around the edge) and Apple did nothing about Padfone 1.
As kingpotnoodle said, it doesnt pose a threat so they have no interest in legal proceedings.

If this version got realesed in the UK (on EE?) in a timely fashion, I'd be intested.
Shouldn't that be “piqued the interest”?
These Apple suing jokes/comments are unoriginal and getting really tedious - even more so when they're in the main body of the article itself!
That's true Noli, but it has become such a common / normal thing now, I think it has actually become part of the modern day handsets entry to market & one of the negative factors against the reception of a new phone.

Just how in the past, a new gaming pc - will it play crisis? / New phone to the market - will apple sue?

I jest btw.