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Qualcomm confirms secret LG superphone has quad-core S4

by Alistair Lowe on 23 August 2012, 10:00

Tags: LG Electronics (066570.KS), Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM)

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Known to some as the LG Optimus G, this is a previously rumoured superphone that officially doesn't exist, however, thanks to a gun-jumping announcement by Qualcomm, we now know better.

The device is suggested to feature a 4.7in IPS True HD display, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel camera and, again with thanks to Qualcomm, we know that the CPU will be a Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 quad-core, which will be paired with an MDM9615 LTE modem.

LG Optimus G?

To be clear, this will be the first-time a quad-core Snapdragon S4 will be present in a smartphone. Current benchmarks have Qualcomm's dual-core MSM8960, which is present in devices such as the HTC One XL and US variants of the Samsung GALAXY S III and Asus Transformer Pad, competing healthily against the current top-runner, Samsung's Exynos 4 quad-core.

The APQ8064 not only doubles the core-count of the industry leading MSM8960 but also introduces the new Adreno 320 graphics core, which roughly doubles the performance of the current Adreno 225 core, whilst introducing new GPGPU compute capabilities.

The LG Optimus G is beginning to sound rather amazing, though, given just how large the device's battery will have to be to power its overbearing components, suggests that this phone may be rather large. Then there's your software to improve, LG.

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Rumours galore to go with a smattering of probable truth…! Could be a beast, though, interesting to see how this bad boy pans out!
Does it also come with LG's rubbish software support ?
Does it also come with LG's rubbish software support ?
Lets hope it's better. I have an LG phone and though the spec is good for the price it does seem to lock up and become unresponsive more than other phones. Some I think due to overheating and some due to software. The overheating may be due to software of course. Either way it sometimes it gets very warm and becomes unresponsive until either the battery runs out or I take the battery out. That said it's pretty rare and I'm basically happy with my choice. My brother has the Galaxy S2 and that has it's issues as well.

I'll be looking at future LG phones with a jaundiced eye from now on.
I think to much hate is on LG at the moment, their flagship phone the Optimus 2X still has no ICS in sight but its so undeserved… Samsung who also released a tegra 2 based phone along side their original galaxy S2 is known as the Galaxy R/Z and is the same bar the tegra 2 chip, the guys using the galaxy R have only just got ICS and that is because of some service centre accidently flashing a test ICS on a customers phone! No official release yet so a massive company that is doing extremely well and has been called amazing in releasing new updates cant even maintain a high end phone, LG made big losses and had to cut a crap load of staff from development which would make them slower to get ICS on our device.

TL DR Its Nvidias fault for being slow with drivers and having a closed source SoC. Alot of LG devices have been updated in time for ICS but those have no Tegra 2 chips.

I hope this is a good phone as LG certainly need a boost but im not sure how good qualcomm are for third party roms :P, id rather have cyanogen on my phone than OEMs as its normally rather poo and a waste of time/space.
I'm maybe being overly sceptical but that spec looks suspiciously like the one posit'd for the Samsung S3 at one point. That said, if LG do manage to deliver that spec (for a reasonable price) then that's going to be a nice “line leader” for their smartphones.

Not sure I'd swap my S3 in for it though, even though the quad-S4 will probably show my “slow” quad Exynos a clean pair of heels - LG's reputation for software upgrades (or rather not doing them) is a major turn off as far as I'm concerned.

Again, if this is delivered, then I'll welcome it - makes a two horse race for the title of “best Android phone” into a three-way (which is very good news for us consumers). :D