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Microsoft unveils Special Edition Chrome Series Xbox 360 joypads

by Parm Mann on 3 April 2012, 11:12

Tags: PC

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Attention is starting to turn toward the Next Xbox, but Microsoft's not done with the good ol' Xbox 360 just yet.

Starting next month, gamers will be able to get their hands on a choice of three new Special Edition Chrome Series Controllers. The wireless pads, pictured below, will be available in Blue, Red and Silver, and will each feature the transforming d-pad introduced in 2011.

Retail availability is loosely pinned as "mid-May" with an estimated price of $55 (roughly £35), but getting hold of your desired colour may be tricker than you'd think. There's no mention yet of UK availability, but on Microsoft's home turf, the Blue controller will be exclusive to GameStop, the Red will be available from Walmart while the Silver pad will be found at either Best Buy or Microsoft stores.

We're taking a liking to the Red and Blue variants, but the premium price tag might limit the appeal of these controllers to all but the hardened Xbox enthusiasts. As far as we can tell, Microsoft won't be including a Play and Charge Kit as part of the bundle, either.

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If they come in a wired version, I might pick one up for my PC. Or wait to see what the new Xbox's controller is like
I can't imagine this being very comfortable. Grease from the palms will make it slippery and the chrome will pick up fingerprints.

I don't see the appeal here at all.
Just can't see the appeal of these. But it's probably good move if the buzz the likes of Razer, Steelseries etc. generate with their gaming mouse variations is anything to go by.
Want. Just not willing to pay for them myself :p
The plain chrome would look amazingly good if you lived in a bare room painted white, otherwise it'll just look a bit weird, I think.