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Modern Warfare 3 review round-up, it's judgement day

by Steven Williamson on 8 November 2011, 10:46

Tags: Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI)

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After a year of anticipation, and with pre-order numbers toppling those of 2010’s mega-seller Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has finally launched worldwide.

In conjunction with the release of Activision’s blockbuster first-person shooter, dozens of reviews have hit the web and, by and large, reaction has been extremely positive with many critics praising the game for its signature thrills and entertaining gameplay, though some have expressed a little disappointment at the lack of innovation over previous games.

The following review round-up takes into account the console versions of Modern Warfare 3. Here's what some of the critics had to say:

Official Xbox Magazine“One startlingly huge, polished, and downright entertaining shooter experience. Sure, we can come up with a list of things we'd love to see from the series - whether it's a revamped campaign approach or a revitalized game engine and aesthetic - but when everything here is this well-executed and offers so many enduring thrills, it's hard to knock it too much. MW3 absolutely delivers” - 95%

Destructoid“Modern Warfare 3 treads familiar ground and focuses on tweaking rather than reinventing, and that's just fine. While there are no major revelations or surprises, this is still a gorgeously produced package that gives military shooter fans exactly what they want. There's a reason why Call of Duty is the most powerful videogame franchise of the modern era, and Modern Warfare 3 serves as a reminder -- it's just that damn good at what it does.”- 95%

PlayStation Universe“Modern Warfare 3 doesn't reinvent the wheel by any means, but there's no denying it's a damn good action-packed blockbuster, and maybe the best Call of Duty to date.” – 90%

Videogamer“Modern Warfare 3 doesn't do anything new, but it also doesn't do anything wrong. For better or worse, this is a slick and well-metered trio of modes that make an entertaining package, but Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward are simply looking to augment previous games rather than expand the series into pastures new.” - 90%

Gamespot“This is an exciting and rewarding game, but the series' signature thrills have lost some of their luster. Modern Warfare 3 iterates rather than innovates, so the fun you have is familiar. Fortunately, it's also utterly engrossing and immensely satisfying, giving fans another reason to rejoice in this busy shooter season.” - 85%

Eurogamer “Feels like a complete package from the start; the three gameplay areas - solo, co-op and multiplayer - all feeling like parts of a cohesive whole, driven by a clear and honed declaration of intent.” 80%

Currently averaging 90 per cent on Metacritic, based on 30 reviews, initial signs are that Modern Warfare 3 has lived up to expectations. In the battle of the big guns, Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3, Activision’s shooter is also winning the review wars based on Metacritic scores, with EA’s shooter lagging slightly behind with an 84 per cent average score based on 46 reviews.

Are you picking up Modern Warfare 3 today? If so, let us know your first impressions in the forums.

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Got it this morning on the PS3. £28.99 from Sainsbury's if you buy £30 of other stuff (five boxes of 15-bottle Carlsberg Export for £6.89)
Even Hexus seems to be nothing but console these days :(
Even Hexus seems to be nothing but console these days :(

agreed. though my copy on PC. YES PC. has just arrived,

time for work however and will let you know if it is any good later, MW2 was one of my favs.
“Videogamer – “Modern Warfare 3 doesn't do anything new”

Yet you give it 90%, Activision must have paid record amounts for there reviews this year ;)
So they're all basically saying its a £30+ patch/dlc pack? Nothing new there then…

cant believe the reviewers sometimes, how can you call the SAME game over and over Good again and again… games are meant to be different?…