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Lian Li launches Xbox 360 modding case, says goodbye to RROD

by Parm Mann on 14 August 2008, 10:11

Tags: Lian Li, Xbox 360

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The Xbox 360 chassis that shows Microsoft how it's done, says Lian Li

Lian Li has today officially launched its Xbox 360 modding chassis, the PC-XB01.

HEXUS managed to take a sneak peak at the Xbox 360 replacement chassis back at CeBIT 2008, and we went away impressed.

The chassis, pictured below, requires a little DIY know-how from the user to transfer the Xbox 360's innards to its all-aluminium housing. Once complete, Lian Li promises that heat and noise will no longer be a dampening factor to your Xbox 360 experience.

The anodised, brushed aluminium enclosure measures 160mm x 250mm x 415mm (W, D, H), and has room for all the internal Xbox 360 components. There's a single 120mm (1,500rpm) fan to provide ample airflow, and the DVD drive has been relocated and encased in foam to reduce the spinning noise we're all familiar with.

We doubt it'll completely quieten your spinning disks, but it should, we hope, no longer challenge your Dyson to the crown of noisiest appliance.

It clearly isn't as easy-on-the-eye as Microsoft's standard chassis, but Lian Li has added a selection of nice touches. The rounded edges provide a touch of sophistication, and the Xbox 360 USB ports are hidden behind a smart-looking dust cover. As with the Microsoft enclosure, the Lian Li PC-XB01 can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

For those who want the quietest console of them all, there's a set of water-cooling pipe holes for you to add your own liquid-cooling equipment. Sadly, there's no room inside for the Xbox 360 power brick, but that's a minor issue.

There is, of course, one obvious downside to be aware of; using the Lian Li PC-XB01 will void your Xbox 360's warranty. Though Lian Li claims "you are less likely to have overheating", it's something to be aware of.

The PC-XB01 will reach retail stores later this month, priced at a beefy MSRP of $149. Shop around, however, and you'll find some retailers offering it for as low as £59. Interested? Take a look at our hands-on preview from CeBIT 2008:


Official press release: Lian Li launches PC-XB01: the Xbox 360® Chassis replacement

Official product page:

Installation guide:

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I like the idea but there may be a few issues:

1: Microsoft
2: Microsoft
3: Microsoft

Have a quick read of this:

This uses alternative cooling so it could come under the same blanket ban.

I've been waiting for for a while.

I just really hate the way the DVD drive gets so bloody hot.
I worry that will warp the discs.

I know that this will definetly void the warranty but I think this will be worth it since the 360 is coming down in price anyway. I think that if you keep it cool, you solve the problem.
the newer xboxes dont have the ring of death issue anymore anyway do they? Thats what we where told when my old flatmate bought one.

Besides this, its a really nice looking case and i prefer it to the microsoft one.
I wish this wasn't necessary, and I'm looking forward to hearing if it works. :)
goodbye RROD - why?

aah right.. they are using green LED's instead?

say hello to GROD.

nice looking case.