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Crytek open to making a PS3 exclusive

by Matty Hodgson on 26 July 2010, 09:00

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At this year’s E3, Crytek announced the Xbox 360 exclusive “Codename: Kingdoms”. This may keep Crytek busy for a while but Cevat Yerli, boss of Crytek, says they’re very open to making an exclusive for the PS3.

"We are an independent studio so we can (a) Do whatever we want and (b) Have the freedom to announce something else next week if we want to," said Yerli.

"Sony is a partner that we would definitely love to work with. A PS3 exclusive is something we considered before - we talked about it a lot, but for reasons of portfolio or timing in the past it didn't work out. But that doesn't mean in the future it wouldn't work."

There's no mention of the type of game that Crytek would like to develop for the PS3 or even the sort of time scale, but I would imagine it to be an FPS, based on Crytek's expertise in that area.

Crytek are currently also working on Crysis 2 due out later this year on the PS3, along with the Xbox 360 and PC.

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