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Nvidia Shield Tablet shows up in regulatory filing

by Mark Tyson on 3 July 2014, 09:55


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An Nvidia made hybrid 2-in-1 device has been revealed in a regulatory filing on the Global Certification Forum (GCF) website. The GCF validated the 'Shield Tablet' device's wireless and cellular connectivity. The organisation subsequently Tweeted about the filing telling followers that Nvidia is preparing what it describes as "a Notebook/Tablet from @nvidia".

Nvidia has spent quite a lot of time and effort in making the original Shield console with its specially crafted controller, which is good for Android titles and supposed to be good for playing your streamed PC games on. So the opinion of the guys at Engadget is that while separating the screen (tablet) and controller makes sense, there will definitely be a controller that attaches/detaches to carry on that functionality. The regulatory listing seems to suggest that the Shield Tablet will also have some kind of keyboard option for productivity.

Swap that Shield handheld console for a powerful, adaptable hybrid tablet?

If the Shield Tablet is based around the Nvidia Mocha tablet, which surfaced in benchmarks during May, then it would have specs including the following:

  • Display: 2048×1536 pixels, 7.9-inch touchscreen
  • Processor: Tegra K1 at 2116MHz
  • RAM: 2GB

Perhaps Nvidia will go for a WikiPad style tablet controller grip

Does such a device sound like it will become more popular than the original Shield handheld? I think so. It's got a much bigger screen, almost 8-inches, like a lot of popular tablets around right now. The 'hybrid' functionality of a keyboard will make it useful for light office duties instead of using a laptop. Also a detachable but eminently functional game grip or pad will let you enjoy all the regular Shield console fun and games as and when you feel like it. Overall it does sound like an attractive proposition depending upon the all important price(s) of the main device and accessories.

Let's look forward to some official Nvidia info coming out about this device, to clear up this muddy view we have, in the coming weeks.

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I want one that is capable of playing even just some of my PC games on its own!
Ooh that res! Bit of a strange option IMO if they're really going for it…
We'll see about that. Already the shield 1 got portal 1 and HL2, the tegra K1 should be easier to work with than the old chip because the GPU is so similar to a desktop. In some cases it'll just be a recompile so we may see some of the nicer companies releasing PC games for it.
PC FPS games being played using analogue controllers! I can see FPS games like PS2 and CS:GO during well with this……NOT.

You might as well buy a console or build a SteamBox then,with your auto aim activated since the keyboard and mouse are just more accurate.

But its to be expected with the dumbing down of the PC gaming genre now. Console influenced graphics options(lets not have graphics options anymore) and controls are here to stay. Meh.

Maybe driving games and platformers might work better for this? ;)
Just upgrade the original version. Higher res screen with a slight bump in size (to also make the grip more comfortable) and add the new internals. Sorted.