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Revamped Gmail and Google Reader almost ready to launch

by Steven Williamson on 25 October 2011, 10:24

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Google has inadvertently let slip a few details about its new-look Gmail service, which is expected roll out later this year.

A video announcement on Google’s YouTube channel showcasing the new features of its email service has since been taken down, but not before a number of websites managed to note down a few of the details.

"We've completely redesigned the look and feel of Gmail to make it as clean, simple and intuitive as possible," revealed interface designer Jason Cornwell.

In the video, Cornwell describes the new-look interface and the extent of new customisation features which includes a new structure for conversations, a new search panel for easier access to advanced options and the ability to re-size different panels within the email client. The redesigned interface will also feature an advert in the space underneath the "reply" field and each time you read an email conversation the advert will appear.

Wave goodbye to the current Gmail interface

The revamped Gmail service is likely to coincide with a new look Google Reader, which will be streamlined to be more user-friendly. On the official Google Reader blog , the company says that it aims to bring Google Reader and Google+ closer together and that “many of reader's social features will soon be available via Google+,” allowing users to share content between the two services.

A release date for the new-look Gmail and Google Reader services has yet to be announced.

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