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Dyson Air Multiplier made available in pedestal and tower flavours

by Parm Mann on 22 June 2010, 10:07

Tags: Air Multiplier, Dyson

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Dyson has expanded its range of eye-catching Air Multiplier fans with the introduction of new Tower and Pedestal models.

The new additions, pictured above alongside the existing 10in Desk Fan, promise to generate the familiar blade-free airflow without what Dyson describes as "unpleasant buffeting".

The AM02 Tower Fan, available in Iron/Blue or all-Silver finishes, stands at just over a metre tall and draws in 33 litres of air per second. Using Dyson's air acceleration technology, the fans output is then amplified 16 times to provide a strong, steady breeze.

Providing even more gusto, the White/Silver AM03 Pedestal Fan promises 18x air amplification and features a height-adjustable stand that ranges from 1.1m to 1.4m in height. It's also tilt adjustable to 20° in either direction, too.

Both newcomers offer oscillation and various speed controls, and in addition to the on-fan buttons, the AM02 and AM03 come bundled with a useful remote control.

They're as eye-catching as ever, but so's the price. Both the Tower and Pedestal fans will be available soon priced at £299.99.

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I feel like the last one should be dipped in soapy water first.
Hehe :D
I want to know what happens if you put your hand in it.
Cold hand… :)
i heard about these the other week, but when googling about them i found that they weren't as good as a normal fan, yet about ten times the price
I know they're totally pointless but I still really want one! £299 for the big ones isn't that expensive either… ;)