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Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 now available for public consumption

by Parm Mann on 18 June 2009, 11:58

Tags: iPhone 3G, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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If UK pricing has put you off the idea of upgrading to Apple's shiny new iPhone 3GS, the next best thing is now available for existing iPhone handsets in the form of iPhone OS 3.0 - a software update that brings long-awaited functionality to Apple's wildly-popular device.

The update, available free of charge to iPhone users and $9.99 for the iPod Touch crowd, can now be downloaded via Apple iTunes and introduces a number of new features including cut, copy and paste, a landscape keyboard and MMS messaging with certain mobile carriers - though, readers should note that MMS won't be supported on first-generation iPhones.

Elsewhere, Apple's introduced an improved calendar and an all-new Spotlight Search that allows users to rummage multiple applications from one place.

To find out more about the update, including how to get your hands on it, head on over to

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Now if only they got a decent screen on it, would allow any apps (ie Flash and the ability to turn it into a wifi hotspot router), and upgrade the screen, i'd probably replace my touchHD, and finally do away with win mobile!

Version 5 maybe?
Charging £5.99 for an OS update is a joke on my iPod Touch.

Especially the part about finally being able to use the built-in bluetooth, it isnt like they added more hardware or a bluetooth adaptor, it was already there but they just didnt turn it on, then a year later charging £6 for you to use it is like robbery. (angry face)
It's taken 3 versions for them to implement *cut and paste*? You have to be kidding…
It's taken 3 versions for them to implement *cut and paste*? You have to be kidding…

Their computer operating system is on version 10 now, and that still hasn't got cut…
Been using 3.0 and seems better, however what annoys me and I accept its a usual apple tactic is things like voice dialing, is only avalible on the 3gs, so your telling me there is a special bit of hardware to allow this?

I mean come on