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Sony's Concept for Android launches for Xperia X

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Sony’s alternative concept software is now available for Xperia X users in Europe. “Sony's Concept for Android” launched last summer as a crowdsourcing program to explore new ideas in software innovation and experiences, whilst maintaining a close dialogue with the passionate Xperia community. 

Establishing a more open development workflow, it uses customer feedback and real-time usage data to ensure the software contains the things you enjoy and find most useful, also allowing for greater responsiveness in providing regular firmware with shorter release cycles. 

Within Sony’s software development units in Sweden, Beijing and Tokyo, innovation is a constant and fundamental process – ‘Sony's Concept for Android’ gives us the opportunity to explore and test new ways for people to communicate and get things done.

The latest concept includes:

  • A sneak-peek at some of the latest features that will be part of future Xperia products
  • Android 7.0, Nougat, which includes new native features such as multi-window support and improved notifications
  • Access to Sony’s inTouch community, providing direct access to our software engineers and a chance to influence development & coming releases

As firm believers that the age of user experience and development deference is over; if you don't like something; a feature or app isn't serving your needs - Sony want to hear about it, to either make the experience better or remove it entirely to focus on something else. The inTouch in-device feedback portal and dedicated community will continue, offering channels for sharing feedback directly with our software engineers - giving the opportunity to use the software and receive the updates without providing feedback should you so wish.

This initiative is initially open to Xperia X users in Europe* - download the “Concept Installer” app from Google Play and follow the simple steps to guide you through the setup process.  

For more info please visit:

*Xperia X (F5121) in Europe. Market and/or network operator exceptions may apply.