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Tech21 Impactology™ Impact Shield™ - The Worlds Most Advanced Screen Protector

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Tech21 - May 2013: Tech21, the maker of ImpactologyTM cases for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have created the Impact ShieldTM, the company's most innovative product yet. This multi-layered screen protector, which includes an advanced BASF Impact Absorption Polymer that is also used in bullet proof glass, delivers an unrivalled combination of features that make it the world's most advanced screen protection product in the market today.

Extensive Research and Development:

Studying Impact, it became clear to the Tech21 team that the most critical impacts for screens are those that result from a high impact force focused in a small area, for example when a device falls onto a sharp edge, which can cause the screen to shatter.  Over the next two years the R&D team embarked on a worldwide search to find a selection of suitable materials which when combined could deliver unique screen protection for mobile devices.

Key benefits of Impact Shield include:

  • Advanced impact protection: A smart multi-layer system includes a hard top layer to disperse impacts; a middle layer with BulletShieldTM featuring a BASF protection interlayer, also used in bulletproof glass; and a final soft layer which also absorbs impact. Overall, the Impact Shield reduces the force passed through to the device glass by up to 80 percent, lessening the threat of screen breakage.
  • Easy and fast application: Attaching the Impact Shield using OneTouchTM adhesive is simple and uses no glue, resulting in a bubble-free application within seconds.
  • Self-healing anti scratch: The anti-scratch technology resists and protect against accidents or damages in everyday life, with self heal instantly closing up around scratches, retaining optimum optical clarity
  • Perfect optical clarity: With non-yellowing UV protection, you won't remember it's there!

While many other screen protection solutions exist, none are able to achieve all the benefits that Impact Shield offers in one package. Some feature optical clarity but no impact protection, some have impact protection but take professional assistance to apply and others offer impact protection but with a thick film or matt finish. The Impact Shield has mastered all these benefits, offering consumers the best available impact protection that doesn't inhibit a device's performance.

"Tech21 wanted to apply its innovative Impactology approach to screen protection, and spent two years studying the wear and tear of devices and looking for the best available materials and ingredients specifically focusing on optical perfection to create Impact Shield," said Jason Roberts, CEO of Tech21. "Impact Shield achieves what other screen protectors cannot - unparalleled impact protection against scratches, drops and shattering, with perfect optical clarity - making it ideal for anyone wanting to protect his or her device.  No other screen protector can achieve this combination of benefits in one product, making the Impact Shield the world's most advanced screen protection available."

The secret weapon behind Impact Shield is the multi-layer structure with BulletShieldTM which features world's leading chemical company BASF's protection interlayer - used in military grade bullet proof glass, airplane cockpits and a key ingredient for impact absorption. Impact Shield reduces the risk of damage by absorbing the impact and spreading the potential force over a greater area.

Impact Shield Device Available from EE:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4, £14.99
  • iPhone 5 £14.99

Impact Shield Device Available from Tech21 Online: Check out for pricing

  • Galaxy SIII mini
  • Galaxy Note II
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad Mini
  • Other devices supported soon

You can watch the Impact Shield video here:

Tech21 also manufactures cases for the iPhone 5, 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S4, SIII, SIII mini, Note II, iPad, plus other smartphones, tablets and laptops.

For more information about Where to Buy visit

What is ImpactologyTM

Tech21 have turned Impact Protection into a science, establishing ImpactologyTM as a defining seal of approval.  All Tech21 ImpactologyTM screen protectors and cases have been developed over many years of intensive research, including the study of impact protection, unique fabrics and their application, resulting in a highly specialised and complex manufacturing process.  Tech21 is the only brand dedicated enough to turn the protection of your devices into more than just a veneer.


Over the years we have developed extremely strong relationships with leading handset manufactures including Apple and Samsung, which enables Tech21 to provide ImpactologyTM cases from the day of handset launch.  We have created impact protection products for all hero handsets from Apple and Samsung, including the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4, as well as iPad and Note II range. 

How do we do it?

Our ImpactologyTM team includes some of the world's foremost polymer engineers and industrial manufacturing specialists.  We work with the best available Impact Protection ingredient materials and work out how to use these materials in Impact Protection.  That's ImpactologyTM - the Science in Protection.

About Tech21

Tech21 is the world's foremost authority on ImpactologyTM, the Science in Protection. As Impactologists, our team strives for new ways to protect your mobile, tablet or laptop from impact damage. You can call it a science, we call it a passion. From lab technicians to designers and engineers, we ensure that Impactology sets the standard for device protection. Originally devised in response to increasing customer demand for higher levels of protection, Impactology has gone even further, redefining the market with new possibilities in protection for your mobile phone, tablet or laptop device.