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Impactology™ for iPhone 5 hits Apple Stores UK - The Ultimate Protection for Must Have Phone

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Tech21 - January 2013: Tech21, the maker of ImpactologyTM approved cases for mobile devices, announced that their iPhone 5 Impact Band and Impact Mesh cases will be available from Apple Stores across the UK from January 23rd 2013. 

With sales of iPhone 5 soaring in the run up to Christmas, Tech21 are delighted to have been chosen to offer their ImpactologyTM approved cases for this best-selling model in Apple stores and nationwide (and globally). Anyone who received an iPhone 5 for Christmas can ensure they protect their precious gadget, thanks to the advanced and unique materials inside every Tech21 case. Tech21 successfully launched into Apple Stores in the USA before Christmas, and have proved to be a popular brand in stores ever since.

Unlike other cases, Tech21 is the only brand to offer ImpactologyTM approved cases which provide unrivalled protection to mobile devices thanks to the unique polymer material, D3O®,  which is inside each Tech21 Impact Band and Impact Mesh case. Customers can chose from a range of colours including Smokey, Clear and Pink in the Impact Band design, which is similar in appearance to the famous Bumper style of the iPhone 4. Impact Mesh, which although similar to the Impact Band from the front, also features a mesh design to back, making the case 5 sided, and will be available in Blue and Pink so customers can pick the design and colour to suit their style. Each case is designed to provide maximum protection but still give full access to all the functionality, ports and buttons that have made this a must-have phone.

"Apple customers insist on having the highest standard in design, performance and innovation, and we are confident our ImpactologyTM approved cases meet that expectation," said Jason Roberts, CEO of Tech21.  "Our unique ImpactologyTM technology will give customers ultimate impact protection when they need it most so we are very excited to have 5 of our most attractive cases launching into Apple stores globally".

To find out what makes ImpactologyTM different watch the latest video here:

Tech21 also manufactures cases for the iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy Note II, iPad, plus other smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

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What is ImpactologyTM

Tech21 have turned Impact Protection into a science, establishing ImpactologyTM as a defining seal of approval.  All Tech21 ImpactologyTM cases have been developed over many years of intensive research, including the study of impact protection, the use of D3O® a unique patented shock absorbing material, unique fabrics and their application, resulting in a highly specialised and complex manufacturing process.  Tech21 is the only brand dedicated enough to turn the protection of your devices into more than just a veneer.


Over the years we have developed extremely strong relationships with leading handset manufactures including Apple and Samsung, which enables Tech21 to provide ImpactologyTM approved cases from day 1.  We have created impact protection products for all hero handsets from Apple and Samsung, including the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, as well as iPad and Note II range.  

Features of ImpactologyTM approved cases

  • Proven Impact Protection materials specifically chosen to provide the maximum protection against drops and spills for your mobile device
  • Slim and sleek design - because of the quality of Impact Protection materials used, we don't need huge amounts of material that can otherwise create bulky cases
  • Full functionality - all our cases are designed to ensure full access and functionality of your device 

How do we do it?

Our ImpactologyTM team includes some of the world's foremost polymer engineers and industrial manufacturing specialists.  We work with the best available Impact Protection ingredient materials and work out how to use these materials in Impact Protection cases.  That's ImpactologyTM - the Science in Protection.

ImpactologyTM featuring D3O®?

D3O® is the orange Impact Protection material that you see in our cases. In everyday use, the molecules flow freely, but upon shock or impact they lock together - absorbing the impact force and spreading the shock evenly across the surface of the material. That means your device stays in one piece, no matter how hard the impact!

D3O® Impact Material has been adopted worldwide by the military for its power in impact protection on the battlefield and is also used in other high impact areas such as sportswear. 

About Tech21

Tech21 is the world's foremost authority on Impactology, Science in Protection. As Impactologists, our team strives for new ways to protect your mobile, tablet or laptop from impact damage. You can call it a science, we call it a passion. From lab technicians to designers and engineers, we ensure that Impactology sets the standard for device protection. Originally devised in response to increasing customer demand for higher levels of protection, Impactology has gone even further, redefining the market with new possibilities in protection for your mobile phone, tablet or laptop device.