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New SuperTooth HD-VOICE for safe talk at the wheel

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The first Bluetooth in car speakerphone able to speak in 12 languages

14th March 2013 - SuperTooth, a leading manufacturer of portable audio accessories, today announces the availability in the UK of an all-new Bluetooth in car speakerphone, the HD-VOICE.

The multi-languages speakerphone

HD-VOICE is a multi-languages Bluetooth in car speakerphone. User-friendliness is at its maximum with HD-VOICE as it is equipped with voice features available in 12 languages - British English, American English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Polish.
Compatibility and easy install

HD-VOICE is compatible with all mobile phones and smartphones boasting Bluetooth technology. No installation is needed; it just clips to the sun visor and is ready to go so that users can safely talk when driving, without having a mobile phone illegally on their ear.
Outstanding quality calls 

Sound quality is just outstanding as HD-VOICE is equipped with two speakers and two microphones to optimise voices, both in emission and in reception. An easy to reach volume control button can quickly turn the call volume up or down.
Simple pairing and easy usability 

HD-VOICE is simple to use and cleverly guides the user through the pairing process. When there is an incoming call, it says the name of the caller and the user simply has to say "OK" to pick it up. HD-VOICE also indicates the battery level and connection status, and announces GPS instructions from your smartphone. HD-VOICE can be connected with two phones simultaneously.
Battery Life

HD-VOICE has a charging time of just three hours. 20 hours talk time can be enjoyed from the device and stand-by time is a huge 40 days.
Pricing and availability

The SuperTooth HD-VOICE in car speakerphone is now available to buy from for £59.00.

To learn more about SuperTooth Bluetooth accessories, visit and follow SuperTooth on and Twitter @supertoothkits.

Watch SuperTooth videos here:

About SuperTooth

SuperTooth, headquartered in France, is the world-leading manufacturer of Bluetooth speakerphones and portable accessories. In 2004, SuperTooth created the concept of a Bluetooth speakerphone that could be clipped onto a car's sun visor. The company prides itself on being the only manufacturer of speakerphones owning its own factory, managing and operating the entire production and supply chain - from initial designs and concepts, to the manufacturing and packaging.
Today SuperTooth has grown into the bestselling speakerphone brand in Europe with a 45% market share worldwide, continuing to expand its international presence in more than 50 countries. For further information, please visit: