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iT7x headphones have the X Factor

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28th November 2012 - It's a big yes from the X Factor finalists for the iT7x headphones as Union J, James Arthur and Chris Maloney join a long list of stars spotted with the cans. The stylish iT7x headphones are part of a range of audio accessories designed by former Aston Villa footballer Ian Taylor called iT7Audio.

Tweeting about the product, James Arthur (@JamesArthur23) says: "@iT7Audio loving these headphones!! Thanks guys." Former X Factor finalist Mickey Parsons from District3 also commented: ''They're perfect for what we do, they make journeys a lot easier, because there's no wires and also really comfortable.  As they're Bluetooth connected I can leave my phone on the desk whilst walking around the room, listening to music or on a call.''

The sleek iT7x headphones are light and comfortable to wear, featuring cushioned speakers and a headband, which adjusts for the perfect fit. Completely wireless, they are powered by the latest Bluetooth technology, guaranteeing quick and easy pairing and the freedom to move around, exercise or commute without getting tangled in wires. Users can listen to their tunes or make and receive calls via the built-in mic, from up to 10m away. Additionally and most importantly, the iT7x headphones deliver dynamic, high quality sound and offer an advanced noise reduction system to block out the outside world.

As well as the X Factor contestants, athletes including Wayne Rooney, Joe Hart and Theo Walcott were seen sporting the headphones during the 2012 European Championships both on and off the pitch, while Sunday Brunch presenter Tim Lovejoy also included the headphones within his recent Christmas wish list:

Ian Taylor comments: "We love that the X Factor contestants are wearing the iT7 headphones, they're easily distinguishable with the blue LED on the ear-piece making them really stand out."

The iT7 range also includes the iT7s in-ear sports headphones launching soon. 
Pricing and availability:

The iT7x headphones retail at £149.97 and are available from Tesco Phone Shop

For further information please visit:

About iT7Audio:

iT7Audio manufactures a growing range of high-quality music devices, including headphones and portable speakers. These premium acoustic products fuse sophisticated design with the latest Bluetooth technology, offering superior sound quality and portability, while providing consumers the freedom to make and receive calls on the move. The iT7Audio flagship products have been developed in conjunction with former premiership footballer Ian Taylor (Stadia Sports and Lifestyle ltd.). His passion and drive to succeed on the pitch has been harnessed to produce champion audio products.