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Judge throws spanner in Apple's works in case vs Motorola

by Alistair Lowe on 6 November 2012, 09:15

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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There's a lot of tension between Apple and Motorola Mobility (+ everyone else) over FRAND patents and exactly how much Apple should be paying to licence them. Apple launched a claim against Motorola in the US district court, stating that the firm was asking for too much in patent fees, seeking to have the court resolve matters.

The case that was to proceed yesterday, was cancelled only hours before, following an upset caused by Apple when it stated that it would accept no court ruling that asked for licensing fees above $1 per device, following a filing by Motorola of a "motion for guidance", asking the Judge to determinate and set the FRAND fee.

Apple dismissal with prejudice

Naturally, the Judge, Barbara B. Crabb, found themselves insulted by Apple's proposition, which undermined the work that the case would seek to accomplish, with Apple's indications demonstrating that the firm was seeking a bargain, not a fair decision to be determined by the US legal system.

Apple will now have to appeal if it ever wishes to file this case within the district court again.

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That will bring Apple down to Earth.

Show they cannot ride rough shod over anyone and expect to get away with anything.
A billion dollar fine or two would do wonders for Apple's disposition, methinks.
So apple tried to dictate the judges decision to her and it backfired?

Cool i guess, I'm just confused as to why apple think they have the right to tell Motorola what they should charge for their patents anyway.
Biscuit: because the law states that certain patents must be available for licence on fair and reasonable terms because they are fundamental to operating.

If the parties disagree as to what is fair and reasonable then judge gets to decide
I hope Google blow up the cheque from Apple and hang it up in their HQ reception… or better still - do a massive press advert with the cheque and the words - ‘Apple have been known to copy ideas too’