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WikiLeaks founder arrested

by Sarah Griffiths on 7 December 2010, 11:34

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Wanted: WikiLeaks

Julian Assange, founder and face of the contentious whistle blowing website WikiLeaks has been arrested, days after a fresh arrest warrant was provided by Sweden.

The 39 year old Australian was arrested this morning by Scotland Yard's extradition unit after he attended an appointment at a London police station, the Associated Press reported.

Assange is reportedly set to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates Court later today.

A MET police spokesman told the news service: "Officers from the Metropolitan Police Extradition Unit have this morning arrested Julian Assange on behalf of the Swedish authorities on suspicion of rape. He is accused by the Swedish authorities of one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape, all alleged to have been committed in August 2010."

The police are said to have got in touch with Assange's lawyer on Monday, straight after the Swedish authorities issued a new European Arrest Warrant for the former computer hacker.

Assange has always protested his innocence in relation to the sexual assault allegations while his lawyer has previously said Assange was keen to meet authorities.

He has now told the AP: "It's about time we got to the end of the day and we got some truth, justice and rule of law. Julian Assange has been the one in hot pursuit to vindicate himself to clear his good name."