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NVIDIA announces settlement of GPU antitrust litigation

by Scott Bicheno on 24 September 2008, 23:27


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Settle down

A class action law suit alleging that "Nvidia and ATI conspired to fix, raise, maintain and stabilize prices of graphics processing chips and cards," has reached a settlement agreement, according to an NVIDIA SEC filing today.

The settlement was reached on 16th September for the class action: In re Graphics Processing Units Antitrust Litigation. The class encompasses "purchasers who bought graphics cards directly from the websites of ATI Technologies ULC or NVIDIA in the United States during the period December 4, 2002 to November 7, 2007." The plaintiffs were seeking triple damages and costs.

The filing states that "The Agreement calls for NVIDIA to pay $850,000 into a $1.7 million fund to be made available for payments to the certified class. We are not obligated under the Agreement to pay plaintiffs' attorneys' fees, costs, or make any other payments in connection with the settlement other than our payment of $850,000."

While it's not stated, it must be assumed that the other half of the $1.7 million will be paid by AMD/ATI. A settlement with the sole remaining indirect purchaser was reached on 9th September, which required NVIDIA to pay $112,500 in exchange for a dismissal of all claims. Again it must be assumed that the sum was matched by AMD/ATI.

Being saddled with a total payment of under $2 million appears to be a shrewd resolution to the affair for the two graphics giants.


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