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Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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July 14, 2003 – Intel Corporation today introduced a new Intel® Xeon™ processor for dual processor servers and workstations with double the on-die cache of previous generations. The new processor helps improve performance by more than 15 percent** and maintain investment protection since it is drop-in compatible with existing systems.

On-die cache is a fast memory reservoir residing on the same chip as the processor. Data stored in the processor's on-die cache is faster to access than data stored on the hard drive or other system memory, enabling better performance, higher data throughput and a larger user capacity.

“These larger cache Intel Xeon processors deliver outstanding performance, price-performance and value to customers,” said Richard Dracott, group marketing director for Intel’s Enterprise Platforms Group. “Drop-in compatibility with existing Intel-based platforms also provides significant flexibility and extends the life of previous investments.”

The new Intel Xeon processor at 3.06 GHz features a 1 MB level three (L3) cache with a 533 MHz system bus. It is designed for use in general-purpose servers for Web hosting, data caching, search engines, security, streaming media and high performance computing, and in workstations for digital content creation, mechanical and electrical design, financial analysis, and 3D modeling. The new processor complements the latest Intel® Xeon™ processor MP introduced in June, which delivers scalability with leading price-performance for the enterprise application and mid-range data tier, including business logic, application servers and databases.

“Using Intel Xeon processor-based workstations and servers for the creation of large 3-D assemblies and design on the next generation of RVs has reduced the time it takes to incorporate new designs and contributed savings to our bottom line,” said Steve Edman, manager of Engineering Data at Fleetwood Enterprises.

More than 85 percent of servers shipping today are based on Intel® architecture, according to industry analysts.*** The Intel Xeon processor line played a major role in that success.

The product family is also part of Intel’s “real server” campaign, a program educating mostly small to medium-sized businesses on the benefits of choosing the right servers to meet the demands of enterprise computing. High-bandwidth connections (such as Gigabit Ethernet), high-capacity storage (such as RAID), redundant components and a server operating system with multi-user applications combined with Intel processors help lower operating cost, improve performance and provide room to grow.

The Intel Xeon processor at 3.06 GHz with 1 MB of L3 cache is drop-in compatible with existing systems designed with the Intel® E7501 (for servers) or Intel® E7505 (for workstations) chipsets, Intel® PRO Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections and Intel® Server RAID Controllers. It is also hardware compatible with systems from leading vendors and with Intel Server Products using dual Intel Xeon processors.

The Intel Xeon processor at 3.06 GHz with 1 MB of L3 cache is now available worldwide for Intel’s suggested list price of $690 in 1,000-unit quantities.