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iPhone 3.0 rumour-mill already in full flow

by Scott Bicheno on 14 April 2009, 15:17

Tags: iPhone 3G, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Opinion is divided on PR strategies; Apple doesn't think it's important to engage directly with the media, everyone else does.

The funny thing is, Apple's strategy works. The only formal communication it has made that has anything to do with the next iPhone recently was a press release in March announcing the limited release of iPhone OS 3.0 beta, with the full release promised sometime this summer.

Other than that, nada, but such is the interest surrounding anything to do with the iPhone, the technology media are bound to fill the information vacuum with whatever nuggets of information or outright speculation they can muster.

Cnet has reported on an analyst report that has Apple buying loads of flash memory, implying an iPhone with 32GB storage (double the current maximum) will be launched in June.

Meanwhile Mac Video reckons the OS 3.0 code reveals 802.11n Wi-Fi might make an appearance in the next iPhone, and Apple Insider reports that Apple might be making an iPhone intended solely for the Chinese market.

Elsewhere, several business sites like Information Week and CNN Money are referring to a U-turn from market analyst Forrester Research, which is now endorsing the iPhone as a business handset, having said quite the opposite at the end of 2007.

Are you an iPhone user? If so what improvements would you most like to see in the next version? Let us know in the discussion forums.


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I would like the iphone to actually do one thing its meant to do properly and not be praised just because its an apple device and has an i in the name.
Er.. it does..
1. Hardware QWERTY

2. Multitasking

Do both of those and i'll buy one. Until then it's a no-go zone.
1. Not going to happen - go buy a winmo/android phone.

2. It already can to a certain extent, and will be able to to a greater extent in v3, but it's not really as big an issue as you'd be led to believe.
I don't own one, but i would like to see these improvements:
* video recording
* more pixels for the camera and screen
* 3rd party apps
* changeable battery
* extendable memory
* Real-Time GPS