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How can a building reclaim 5,300 gallons of employee moisture a day?


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Intel's advanced new design centre in Haifa will be their first 'green' building. Sustainable engineering expert, Dori Hershgal, explains the advanced features that make the building attractive for both business and environmental reasons...

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Overall, it was realy interesting looking at the advanced production facilities etc that Intel are building over in Israel

However, the ‘factoids’ surrounding their ‘green building’ really knock you back

‘Pretty amazing stuff’ includes :-

• 5,300 gallons of water reclaimed from the internal environment per day

• Reflective glass centre to the building means natural light throughout – reducing electricity dependence by around 75%

• The glass itself allows visible light through – but blocks infrared

• Each table of 4 can, from their laptops, adjust not only the light in their area – but also the temperature and windflow
It seems that (in general) men like dark, cold places and women like it bright and warm

Positioning the building exactly east-west, with more glass on the north than the south side, optimises the light while minimising heat – and a roof top garden (complete with trees etc – all watered by reclaimed employee sweat!) also helps keep everyone cool

We recently spoke with BT's global head of IT as well - and he was saying that BT is the largest user of electicity in the UK…

…and that, now, over 90% of that power comes from renewable sources

If the biggest companies in the world can do it - then maybe there is hope for everyone else… :rockon:

Feel free to share this link with anyone who is remotely interested in ‘green’ :mrgreen:
that's very cool :)
Good read, amazing what companies can do if they put their mind to it!
I like the fact that they have combined so many different ideas and levels of technology…

…from the very low-tech idea of positioning the building exactly East-West with the most glass on the North side…

…to the ‘touch of a laptop button’ controls for per-person temperature/lighting

We'll be giving more focus to the practical applications of green over the next 12 months - any suggestions for ‘areas worth investigating’ appreciated :)