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The Mod House

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Address 8 Howard Road
CT10 1QX
Telephone Numbers Sales: 01843 866144
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jon bda
25 Feb 2004, 12:14 p.m.
GBP £109.99p
Beantech BT84-B
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Customer Service
This is the first and last time i shop at The Mod House. I bought a Beantech case, which took over two weeks to arrive, despite delivery times being quoted as two to five days. I was first told that my case had been shipped but lost in the post, and that a second case was being sent, upon ringing Beantech UK directly, i was told that due to a \'situation\' between themselves and The Mod House, they were in fact not shipping ANY of their orders out!. Two days ago i recieved a phonecall from Beantech to say that the situation had now been resolved, and that i would receive my case this morning...this morning i get another call from Beantech to say that my case is sat in a depot awaiting delivery, but due to continuing problems with The Mod House account they will be unable to deliver it to me and will have to cancel the order. As it so happens they have literally just delivered a case to me, but i now find after paying The Mod House for it, Beantech also want me to pay them directly for it. As i type this i\'m presently trying to discover if indeed i do have to pay Beantech for it, and if so what has happened to the payment i made to The Mod House... *EDIT* Thankfully Beantech no longer want me to pay them for the case.
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