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NO micro:bit - NO problem - FUZE powered by Raspberry Pi – Makes Perfect Sense!

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The FUZE powered by Raspberry Pi and FUZE BASIC have been upgraded to support the recently released SenseHAT, an exciting new add on for the much loved Raspberry Pi.

The FUZE comes with easy to use, and therefore easy to learn, FUZE BASIC programming language along with a myriad of electronic components (LEDs, buttons, light sensor, resistors etc) and a 90 page Project Workbook and 160 page Reference Guide. The project cards allow students to work through projects at their own pace and with easy to follow assessments teachers and parents alike can monitor progress. 

BASIC was my first language back in the late 1980s, and I owe my interest in computing to the low barrier to entry and smooth learning curve that it offers.”
Eben Upton, CEO, Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd

The award winning FUZE microcomputer has a growing community of fans within the ‘coding’ scene and has gained significant ground in education with thousands of units in use in schools nationwide.

The Raspberry Pi SenseHAT is a tiny add-on board for the Raspberry Pi made especially for the Astro Pi mission – it’s going to the International Space Station in December 2015! Now, thanks to FUZE Technologies Ltd it’s also available for and fully supported by the FUZE microcomputer.  The SenseHAT includes a colour LED matrix along with a whole host of exciting sensors for instant programming projects.  Sensors include a five-button joystick, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity 

To provide direct access to the SenseHAT, new commands in FUZE BASIC include:

senseRGBcolour - sets the active colour

sensePlot - turns on an LED at the specified location

senseLine - plots a line of LEDs

senseRect - plots a rectangle of LEDs

senseScroll - shifts the LED in the specified direction

senseCLS -  clears the LED matrix

SenseGyroX - returns the GyroX value

SenseGyroY - as above etc. and same for all below

SenseGyroZ, SenseAccelX, SenseAccelY, SenseAccelZ, SenseCompassX, SenseCompassY,

SenseCompassZ, SensePressure, SenseHeight, SenseHumidity and SenseTemperature.

The above ‘common sense’ commands give total access to the SenseHAT in the FUZE BASIC environment ensuring it is easy to interact with the sensors with no extra setting up and no complex libraries.

In addition to support for the Raspberry Pi SenseHAT, FUZE BASIC has received a significant speed boost and a few more commands to enhance font and colour support and if you’re of a certain age you’ll love the new Retro Skins – Just for fun, FUZE BASIC has something for everybody, well something for past users of the Commodore 64, BBC Micro, Apple ][, Amstrad CPC, Atari 800 and even the humble ZX Spectrum!

Jon Silvera, CEO and founder of FUZE Technologies says: “We are really excited to be supporting the SenseHAT. It really is a cool piece of kit and an ideal platform for learning and experimentation.  And, when combined with the FUZE and FUZE BASIC, it provides endless opportunities and makes learning to code even more engaging for students.”

BASIC is a fantastic, intuitive language with
which to learn programming.
David Braben, CEO Frontier Developments Plc – Elite: Dangerous

In addition to supporting the Raspberry Pi SenseHAT FUZE Technologies Ltd is very much looking forward to adding full support for the BBC micro:bit to FUZE BASIC as soon as it becomes available.

FUZE provides an ideal introduction into the world of programming and provides a perfect stepping stone from visual coding environments like Scratch to complex ones like Python and C.

FUZE BASIC is free for Raspberry Pi and Linux users – visit

The FUZE microcomputer is suitable from ages 6 and up.

For more information on the FUZE please visit

About the FUZE

UK based FUZE Technologies Ltd has its roots in home computers and programming.  Our many years of experience in the computer industry and our passion for IT innovation and computer programming have positioned us perfectly to expand our business into Programmable Computers and Electronics. 

FUZE BASIC and the FUZE logo are registered trademarks of FUZE Technologies Ltd.

Back to BASIC – Why?

BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)
In the late seventies and early eighties The BASIC programming language captured and nurtured millions of bedroom coders across the entire globe.  These programmers went on to evolve and develop just about every aspect of the computing industry as we know it today.  Of course this is a generalisation but it’s no exaggeration to say that without the BASIC language things would have been very different today.  While programming today is far from the simple environments of the eighties the core programming principles remain the same.  Variables, Conditional and logical statements, Loops, Memory management, BIT & Byte manipulation, file management and Input/Output are all introduced in FUZE BASIC and are far easier to grasp in its easy-to-understand language and framework.  It therefore remains the ideal platform to learn, and for that matter teach, computer programming to all ages and abilities.

About the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi® and the Raspberry Logo are trademarks of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and are used with permission. For more information we recommend visiting the home of the Raspberry Pi at;